A made the executive decision that the time was right to dip into the market for a striker, needing to bring in a player to play second string to Mostafa Mohamed. However, unlike those who have come before, there is a need for this individual to have the profile suitable for leading the line here at Natntes.

The requirements

  • Height, over 6’0
  • Strong
  • Excellent jumping reach

Clearly the role I am looking to recruit is that of a traditional battering ram. This type of player is tall, strong, and brave, who are excellent headers of the ball. The battering ram is unleashed on defenders, acting as the focal point of our attack. Unlike the traditional battering ram, who often plays with their back to goal, creating havoc, bringing others into the game. Our battering ram needs to be quick off the mark, enabling them to run the channels, stretch the opponent, and get on the end of those whipped crosses.


Above the list of individuals from the scouted list which fit the bill. However, you will note that our highest recommended player is way out of budget. We only had £2.1 million left in terms of the transfer budget. I once again needed to be savvy with the package offered, and let’s not forget the player would need to come to the club with limited expected game time.

This ruled out Marko Milovanović who is having an excellent campaign with Almeria, the forward is scoring freely in the Spanish second tier, with a goals per 90 output of 0.74 and a conversion rate of 19.5%.

After speaking to the agent of Rafiu Durosinmi it was apparent that FC Viktoria Plzeň would be keen to cash in on the Nigerian, as he only had 18 months left on his current contract, a fee of between £3 million and £6 million was quoted.


Rafiu is a right-footed striker who generates a goal-scoring threat from his actions inside the oppositions box, constantly stretching defences. Providing technical security to his team’s attack, often on the lookout to collect and connect to attack if he’s not playing as a lone striker. He scores goals in expansive forms, his one-footedness brings a few limitations, skilled in using his head, in fact one could make a case that he scores more goals from headers than his other foot. The combination of all these abilities makes him a handful for defenders and adds to his box and overall threat. (breakingthelines)


A structured deal was agreed for the 22 year old Nigerian, £1.3 million up front….yes you read that right, with a following £833k to be paid in January 2026, followed by circa £400k to be paid for the next five years.


Rafiu’s debut wasn’t mind-blowing. However, the one statistic that matters, he converted his only shot, to get his account for Nantes up and running. If his first performance is anything to go by, we could now have the back-up striker we have craved over the last two seasons.


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