My tongue in cheek predictions for September weren’t too far off the mark. We had an excellent month on the pitch, the highlight for me being the fact that we only conceded the single goal, scoring 11 in return, a +10 goal difference swing.




The early form guide is enough to see us perched delicately on top of Ligue 1, the only side after eight games to remain without defeat. PSG are the leagues most clinical in front of goal, whilst Marseille are the toughest to break down. Strasbourg could well be in for a very long campaign, the only team yet to secure a victory.




One player has stood out from the rest across the month, the little maestro Enzo, contributing four goals and one assist across the calendar month. It is worthwhile noting Enzo is also slightly underperforming his expected assists metric, along with racking up 2.33 key passes per match.




The below shows how much of an outlier he is compared to other midfielders in Ligue 1, which is why he is already only one goal shy of his career best in the league (5). If he can continue this form, Rennes must surely be kicking themselves for agreeing to sale the 25 year old for such a diminutive fee.




October is going to be a tricky month to navigate, with trips to the Allianz Stadium in Turin to play Vincent Kompany’s Juventus. Along with the journey to the south of France to face Jean-Pierre Papin’s Marseille, who beat us 3-0 in our last run out against them in Ligue 1.




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