I guess that I kind of expected this, given the constant strengthening process we have been through over the last windows, but, honestly, I didn’t expect it at this level. Put it down to shoddy AI management or not, Ottawa’s new coach has taken them from title challengers to basement dwellers, taking another side away from any potential challenge. The performances of Ragaglia – here, compared with an attacking midfielders given his utter freedom as a Libero – and duo Connolly and Yeremay show the domination and how easy it has been to integrate new talent that, honestly, we probably had no right signing.

At the start of the season, I feared that our new look attacking structure would struggle to convert the goals we needed – hitting a low of -4.37xG differential by game week five, but, since then, they’ve roared back and now sit comfortably above it.


So now we pair the most potent offence with the tightest defence and, as you can, have become truly unstoppable. Like, not even trying unstoppable. That, for me, is the biggest sign of staleness within a save. My move to Canada was to reinvigorate that, and, it absolutely has, but it’s just come to an end somewhat quicker than I wanted. That being said, HFX only have one CPL to their name and we failed miserably last season, falling at the final hurdle. Therefore, there is one more just for me in this chapter before the likely closing of the entire Norsemen book, and that is to bring this trophy back to Nova Scotia.

What a journey this has been – from Sundsvall to Leverkusen and this sidestep at the end


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