The league. Won. The save. Complete.

I am conscious that we’ve gone out on somewhat of a whimper here – 100,000 words of the saga of Torbjorn and his son Marcus culminating in a post that hasn’t even shown a screenshot. Nevertheless, this is somewhat of an emotionally-driven post but around the completion of a goal that I set out to achieve a few years ago, when I first adopted this style of FM play. Across fifteen seasons at Sundsvall, Elfsborg, Bochum, Bayer Leverkusen and Halifax Wanderers – I have (more than) dabbled in youth recruitment, tactical fluidity, scouting and recruitment and the head coach approach. This game has had it all for me and I’ve loved nothing more than posting about my thoughts, findings and ideas on this board. I say it every year, but this truly has been my best ever FM save. That being said, making a realistic career has made things easier. As an ambitious manager, I’ve always applied to better clubs in poorer situations and, given the limitations of just what FM does – that isn’t too hard to turn around.

I can only thank you for the comments, likes, follows and general inspiration that you all give! I reckon FM24 have one more save for me and I hope you’ll join me for that one! Sadly, Marcus never got his saga off the ground – a trip to Europe would’ve felt like more of the same. I want to go back to my roots, as it were – which is actually in Europe – but with a fresh, new game and take in all of my recent learning!


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