Season 2: Balancing the squad.

With money very hard to come by, I decided to make a brave decision this summer – to split my recruitment process into two very distinct areas. Firstly, by turning off the scouting scope, meaning that I only have access to players that my scouts know (and, additionally, removing the Player Search panel from my skin) meant that, whilst I’d save some money this summer, I had less up to date date and reports to choose from and would be getting significantly less new ones. This meant that scouting data from last year become more pivotal as they are now just combined with agent offers that fill my scouting centre inbox. Secondly, I thought I’d continue to trust my staff in terms of either agreeing or disagreeing to their signings at the final stages.

Such a squad overhaul is not something I ever really like to do, however, with significant departures within the squad and a move to a different tactical shape, requiring different numbers of players within the squad, my hand has been a little bit forced. Five of the six players have been signed by me, with those five arriving based on strong data from last year.

[All thumbnails can be clicked to access the player profile]

image.png.90bf1e8d9ec8b857ad11151226fb2f9a.png image.png.5655da0d8a2207d6457576725735e55a.png

My first two signings were a defensive pairing last year at Atalanta’s U23 side, who play in Girone A of this division. I like that both are positionally opposite, meaning they are able to cover the two wide areas of the defence as well as offering cover as wingbacks, if necessary. Gabriele Bertostatistically, was really good last year in an Atalanta side that didn’t have to do a lot. Likewise, Ceresoli’s stats paint a picture of a defender who has performed really well at this level.

image.png.ed4b4c11771a850fd6ca7922c61f330d.png image.png.a01eec9a4688579eb43c3ed97abde6f0.png

It’s odd that the next three signings all come from relegated sides but, being able to prize people like Giovagnoli from Asti, whose stats were pretty strong, must be considered a coup for us. With an enforced, and celebrated, sale of Dell’Orfanello, €140k back to Brazil, I needed a replacement and I think the Argentine can be it. Likewise, D’Amore’s performances were, overall, better than you’d suggest for a player whose team – Cavese – went down.


Scorza is the final relegated player – this time from Fermana – and his performances indicate that he’s proven himself as solid ball winner who can use the ball. Lastly, youth player Sadotti joined on loan from Fiorentina. He’s not featured at any level for them at all, which is of a concern to me, but, given that I need to completely restructure the defence, I’m not averse to this deal that my backroom staff put together for me to sign off on.

– – –

Once again, pretty short in terms of depth here. We’re basically broke, still far from my team and entering the first year of – honestly – a three of four year plan to get out of this division. Therefore, the real work starts when we start the season in a few weeks time..

Forza Biancoscudati


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