After getting frustrated with the lack of challenge in Europe I asked around on Twitter and @DMendoza1969 recommended Club Universitario de Deportes in Peru.

The reason why this challenge appealed was that they are nearly £50m in debt with an 80,000-seater stadium (even though only 12,000 are attending games). Whilst they have won the domestic title 26 times they have never won the Copa Libertadores.

I found this link on the debt if you are interested in why they are in so much debt
Debt Report

Aims for the save will be to continue to be successful domestically whilst doing what I can to help reduce the debt. I’m looking to develop our own players and sell them on. Also, success in the Libertadores is the long-term aim but realistically I don’t see that happening soon.

I’ve waited until I had completed one season to make sure I was enjoying the save before I posted anything & I am really enjoying it.

That is all for my introduction I will do a season review for my first season in charge next.

If anyone does read this I hope you enjoy it going forward.
Any questions feel free to ask me on Twitter at @DGear86


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  1. What you are doing for Peruvian soccer is great. The lack of proper management is the worst thing happened to many soccer and other sport clubs in Peru. My moral support and wishing you the best!!!

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