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In case you missed the greatest football manager save reveal ever*

I (Daniel Ausrustung) am heading to Germany for Football manager 2019 to F.C Kaiserslautern in the 3. Liga. A founding member of the Bundesliga, due to mismanagement they have slid down the leagues. They are dubbed as a “big club” far too big to be in the 3.liga so the long term plan will be to get them back to the Bundesliga and maybe win their first title since 1997-98 and 5th ever.

After some research (thanks to @FM53bast1an and @Mr_Scribe) they have financial issues and they are from a small and weak economic region and the biggest company is now sponsoring Hoffenheim. So management of the bank balance is going to be very important early on also tied in with the fact we have just been relegated so some players will still be on 2.Bundesliga wages.

Kaiserslautern also have a history of building their teams and having success using players from their own youth system, like Briegel. the Walter-Brothers, Ballack and Klose. So this will be a focus for us to use our own facilitates to bring our own homegrown players through.
We will develop our youth to fit our tactical style which I will implement at Kaiserslautern.

Gegenpressing is synonymous with Germany but I will not be playing a Gegenpressing tactic.
My plan is a direct counter attacking style in a 4222DM formation.


These are the roles im looking to start with. They may evolve as the save progresses but using what I have learnt on FM18 I feel they give us a good starting basis for a counter attacking side and accounting for the fact the standard of players we have. The tactic may “flip” when i actually assess the players.

Director of Football. I will be using @FMFutbolmanager type of DOF, giving him control of player and staff contracts, sending him out to chase the players that I add to the transfer target list, negotiating the transfer fees with the clubs and new player wages.
I will be the First Team Coach as is the way the real life game is going

So overall with a homegrown policy, good financial management and a style of play i hope we can move up the leagues and get our place back in the Bundesliga and maybe even dominate Europe

I can’t wait to see the new training features and get stuck into it. Also congratulations on my talented Co-host at GrassNGear @FMGrasshopper for being selected as 1 of just 2 bloggers that were invited to Sports Interactive for the FM Creators event.

Beta – not sure who to manage yet but new FM19 save will launch November 7th. I’m hoping to do a few more blogs this year too. Also join my channel on slack for live updates of the save.

Thanks Dan





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