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If you haven’t make sure you read my preseason post. https://dgear86.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/perfecting-pre-season/

In August we wiped out the 12 point deduction and got into the 3rd round of the league cup and managed to keep the squad together with no additions.


After a great start we had a slump only 4 points from a possible 12 and out of the EFL Cup vs Crystal palace


4 points from a possible 15. Some close games decided by one goal


7 points from 9 and two cup wins make November a great month


Through to the FA cup 3rd round meets Board expectations, 6 points from 15 leaves us in the relegation zone still


Out of the Fa Cup but a good run. 8 points from 12 get us out of the relegation zone by 3 points just as we start the business end of the season.

League Table

Transfer out


Newcastle came in with a £3.5m bid, I wanted more than an instant balance boost so tried to get more per month to take a chunk out of the £500k pm debt repayments

£2m up front followed by £4m spread out over 3 years which will work out one years repayments paid for or £167k of the £500k repayments covered

Holding next sell fee

£6.84m fee if we cashed in now made sense. That is a years worth of loan repayments. So we sold the clause and secured our short term future


A nice balance at the moment but that will drop and fast, ive slashed the wage bill and more will leave this summer. We are laying the foundations to rebuild this club on and off the pitch.

I’ll be back at the end of the season to update the second half of the year.
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  1. Great business savvy with the holding clause. Really enjoying this short and to the point ideal for me.

      1. My tiny brain can’t cope with things like that. Loving the financial side of this save though 👌

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