Its been a while! My last update was March 13th, The past season took me 4 months to play for some reason and I couldn’t put my finger on why, so after a season at Palace and watching the Euros I’ve finally got round to completing the season and most of the excitement is in the off season where i’ve hopefully rebooted the save going forward.
But first lets catch up with the season.


It was a real up and down season, at one point we were in the title fight, then it was qualifying for the Champions League and we slipped all the way to just qualifying for the Europa Conference again.
I felt like a lot of this was due to being a young side with a lot of potential but lacking current ability.

So going forward I took stock and decided I needed to be more ruthless with moving on youth who aren’t impacting the first team. I had so many youth players which I had brought through either internally or signed and development but realistically only a handful have made it through to the first team so far and with only 2 seasons left in this save I have decided to shift focus and this has tied in with my recent takeover in which the board are demanding high profile signings.

So this summer I’ve looked to overhaul the squad, anyone who won’t impact the team in the next 2-3 seasons in my opinion I will l look to move on and then bring impactful players in now.

Transfers out

We brought in 101m in transfer fees this summer which has given us a great budget to improve the first team and thats what we did.

We’ve still stuck to our main principles of french talent being the main focus. first signing French Wonderkid Cyrille Roger and partnering him with the experience of Luka Jovic in our new look front 2. Marcus Thurham joins Doku and Gouiri as our wide players giving options to rotate. Cuisance will strengthen the depth of our midfield with Botman, Bade, Gurreiro and Moussasaoui all coming in to improve the options in defence.
We’ve taken a punt on Simons following his release from PSG and Galmiche and Jerome are potential stars.

This is a quick update on the save for people who have been following so far, Hopefully this revamp this off season can help us push on for at least champions league this season and maybe end this save with some success.

Thanks for reading!



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