Many people think Dan is a ventriloquist dummy of Tony, while others think he is just a simple bot. But to me, he’ll always be the guy who has a 50% code off for everything but only after you’ve bought something. He only ever mentions this once you’ve bought something though, think Jay from the Inbetweeners.

Some of you might know Dan from his now infamous Football Manager journey with the Bolivian national team, failing to win a single game in his career. While the save game was a club and country one, no one remembers the club part of it because his International career was so bad!

One fact about Dan that many people don’t realise is he is actually Welsh and isn’t a proper Bristolian. He’s very modest about this and doesn’t like to discuss it though for some bizarre reason.

Dan is somewhat of a Football Manager whore, you can often find him spreading himself thinly across the community and chatting to people. When he’s not chatting to people on Twitter he can be found over on the Sports Interactive forums chatting about his Football Manager Career and getting involved in the Career section of the forum.

This isn’t enough for the clout-chasing thirsty 7ft Welshman though. Dan is also 51% of the now famous podcast Grass N Gear alongside Tony (FM_Grasshopper) making up the other 49%.

You can say Dan has his fingers in a lot of pies. He’s also eaten a lot of them over the years.

Mr Gear has big plans for Football Manager 23 and has already set about laying them out, which he will be sharing with you real soon!!

If you want to chat with Dan, myself or Dr Otterman more regularly then you can often find us on our Discord server where we’ve built a great community.


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