This post was written for us by Canadian football scout Caleb Wilkins. Today he’s sharing with us 5 Canadian players for you to share on FM23.

Canada’s men’s team’s qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has led to an increase in interest in Canadian football around the globe. Certainly, when I moved to New Zealand earlier this year it was one of the first things people brought up when I told them I was from Canada. But it’s not just my icebreakers that have been impacted by Canada’s qualification. We have also seen an increase in slightly less heralded Canadians like Theo Bair, Victor Loturi, and Richie Larayea getting a chance in Europe that they might not have gotten otherwise. Clearly, clubs are eager to discover the next Alphonso Davies. Perhaps you, the intrepid Football Manager player, are also curious if you can discover the next Davies. Well, fear not, this list contains no less than three players who at various times have been declared “the next Alphonso Davies.” It’s possible we get a little over-excited about handing out that label. But nevertheless, here are five Canadian players to sign on FM23.


Ismael Kone, CF Montreal

We begin with the most successful (so far) of the players to have been called “the next Davies.” Ismael Kone is a 19-year-old (in the game) midfielder who plays for CF Montreal in MLS. After some unspecified technicalities in the MLS rules blocked Kone from signing a professional contract in 2021, he burst onto the scene in the 2022 season. Kone won plaudits for his offensive production from a #8 position and strong dribbling ability. His performances have reportedly drawn interest from Celtic, Sheffield United, and Norwich. The game seems to have captured his strengths quite well with relatively high dribbling, finishing, and technique. He also has some decent physicals and passing skills in the game. Get him while he’s cheap is what I say.

Osaze De Rosario, York United

We now dip into the Canadian Premier League to look at York Nine’s Osaze De Rosario. As far as I’m aware he has never been compared to Alphonso Davies but he does carry a different burden that brings high expectations. He is the son of Dwayne De Rosario, one of the most successful Canadian players in the period between world cup qualifications (i.e when they were really bad). But, in De Rosario’s first CPL season he showed that he has something to offer of his own. He managed to score 12 goals and come second in the golden boot race for a York United team that really struggled for offensive production. Truthfully, I think the researchers have been a bit generous to him. But his stats are really well distributed for him to be an effective striker in the game. With 14 strength, 14 Finishing, 12 first touch, 11 dribbling, 14 long shots, and 13 jumping reach he could really bully a certain level of the game. He’s not the quickest but at 20 he still has plenty of room to grow. If you need a target man and your budget is limited then De Rosario is a great buy in the game (in real life he probably needs at least another season in CPL).

Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Toronto F.C

Marshal Rutty is another player who has been declared the next Davies. Marshall-Rutty made his professional debut for Toronto F.C’s reserves when he was only 15. In 2020 he became the youngest-ever player to sign a first-team contract with Toronto F.C and to play a game for them. His role grew significantly in the following years, with TFC attempting to convert him into a fullback in 2022. Injuries derailed his season slightly but his potential remains very high. In the game he has really strong technicals and mentals for his age but has to develop his physicals quite a bit. His asking price is also quite high but he is worth snatching up if you can get your hands on him.

Sean Rea, Valour FC (on loan from CF Montreal)

Sean Rea has established himself as one of the best playmakers in the CPL. He lead the league in assists this past season, showing clear growth on the previous season which was also spent on loan at Valour. He doesn’t score quite as many goals as you would like but his ability to set up others is not in doubt. The game seems to have captured his technical qualities quite well as he has strong first touch, passing, and vision. He also has quite good pace. His ability, both in the game and in real life, might make him suited to being converted into more of a centre midfield role than the winger position he has played for Valour.

Kamron Habibullah, Pacific F.C (On loan from Vancouver Whitecaps)

From almost the second that Davies put pen to paper and signed for F.C Bayern there were whispers that the Whitecaps had another player in their academy with the potential to be a star. That player turned out to be Kamron Habibullah. Habibullah was a major standout at the youth level for both club and country. He often played up an age group or two and still stood out as one of the best players. But he hasn’t really hit his stride as a professional yet. He made a handful of appearances for the Whitecaps before going on loan to Pacific in 2022. In real life, this loan spell yielded only one assist and one Instagram post decrying “haters.” But maybe in FM23 you can unlock his potential. He’s still very young and has some strong technical ability that could yet see him rise to stardom.

Some interesting recommendations from Caleb, will you sign the next Canadian star in FM23?


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