Micha Jorgensen has kindly shared with us his guide to playing FM23 with no attributes which he wrote for the German FM community but has allowed us to translate and share with you. The Guide is broken down into 6 areas. We appreciate Micha sharing this with us as FM23 has seen a rise in people playing with a more data led approach and hopefully this can help. We really enjoyed it and the depth of the guides. Even if you’re playing with attributes there is a lot of information here for you to pick out especially around tactic and training set up

Here Micha Introduces the thoughts behind the guide and details what to expect from the guide going forward.

01_Squad Evaluation
Here Micha explains how he evaluates the playing squad, introduces the club DNA and how he approaches attributeless transfers.

02_tactical search
Here Micha explains how he sets up his tactics in FM23 without attributes

Micha walks you through how to set up training programs

04_Metric data
Micha talks about how he gathers the data and uses it on FM23

05_Scouting system
Here Micha talks about setting up his scouting system and recruitment focuses for the save.

We appreciate Micha sharing this with us and recommend you read it there is a lot of helpful information, clicking the links will take you to the translated pdfs for the guide. They are really well detailed and explain a lot of information. Thanks to Micha for putting it together.

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