Paul, has created the FMUGens face pack for Football Manager 2024 (and previous versions).

Here are what they look like on the tactics screen, it’s hard to tell the real player from the FMUGen faces they’re that good.

You can see how the images have changed above, dramatically from the before and after pictures.

Paul is currently averaging between 2,500 – 3,000 faces per update pack!.

If you don’t know how to install them then check out the video or the graphic below which explains it all.


*If you want to automate the process of adding them to the game you can do so using the NewGan tool available from FM Scout, there is a video explaing how to set it all up*

MEGA PACK DOWNLOAD – (6.5gb)- Containing Original Megapack & Update Packs 1-12, Over 96,000 Faces Included! 

From now on, the megapack will be updated with each update pack for people downloading for the first time, it will say which packs are included and roughly how many faces there.

 UPDATE PACK 1 (06/03/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 2 (14/03/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 3 (21/03/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 4 (14/04/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 5 (14/05/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 6 (28/05/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 7 (21/06/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 8 (20/07/2023) DOWNLOAD

 UPDATE PACK 9 (28/08/2023) DOWNLOAD

UPDATE PACK 10 (27/09/2023) DOWNLOAD

UPDATE PACK 11 (01/01/2024) DOWNLOAD

UPDATE PACK 12 (24/02/2024) DOWNLOAD


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73 thoughts on “FMUGens – Newgen Facepack FM24 *MEGAPACK UPDATED & UPDATE PACK 12 24/02/2024*

      1. Hola como se hace para que el new gan tome las imagenes de la carpeta staff para los empleado en vez de que tome las imagenes de las carpetas de las razas que sería para los jugadores y no los empleados, espero su ayuda. Gracias.

  1. I have downloaded this to my steam deck and downloaded newgan manager but it won’t install or anything, I’m new to steam deck so am not entirely sure what the sudo Chmod is or where about I put it any ideas ? Thanks

    1. Hi David. We don’t use Steam Deck and newgan manager isn’t anything to do with us either. You might be better asking the creator of it, or where you downloaded it from for advice.

  2. Ah okay my apologies I thought I read newgan manager on here but now I see it was to say to go fmscout, I’ll try that thanks

  3. Yes, indeed it scales, however if you are on a big screen with skins that are optimized for bigger pictures. They will be a bit blurry, at least 250×250 would be better. All efforts are appreciated, just a friendly recommendation from my side.

  4. So weird, same as me I’m running 3840×2160 too. It might have something to do with the skins. What skin are you using ?

  5. Can you please explain how to _Preserve+ faces properly? In my case, when I want to preserve faces I am replacing an ‘*.rtf’ file with an updated new gens list, open ‘Newgan manager’, and I can’t choose any action and the ‘Replace faces’ button is inactive.
    Also, if you need any help with face generating, you can contact me without a doubt via email. Just drop me any specifications or prompts examples and I’m in.
    Great job, thank you.

    1. You need the latest version of the NewGan tool and it should work fine, other than that best to go to the people who made it as we do not have anything to do with it other than knowing you can use it for the pack.

  6. I have completely switched over to this facepack now as the quality/immersion is just amazing so thank you for the hard work.
    Already really excited for the July pack, any expected release date??

  7. Hey guys! Do you have a place or file that explains the terms used to name the folders (EECA, MENA, MESA)?

    1. EECA – Eastern European & Central Asian
      MENA – Middle Eastern & North American
      MESA – Middle Eastern & South American
      SAMED – South American & Mediteranian

  8. Please I didn’t download the mega pack(3.1G) I just downloaded the first two update 1&2 then I ran the NEW GEN Tool on them and it worked. I want to ask if I download the remaining updates that’s 3-8 will it still work when I copy and replace??

    And secondly do I need to generate or preserve when updating the new faces ?

    Thank you

  9. I just direct the program to the staff folder, but I get a message that states I am missing the MESA folder when I try to do staff faces.

  10. This could be wondferful, but unfortunatley it is fraught with issues. This facepack is awesome , really really good faces .
    However the Newgan tool will not allow the Preserve faces feature. The Newgan app just hangs when you try to use it.
    I have tried for 5 seasons now,and its the same every time. I was advised to delete the Newgan app and revert to an earlier version. So I did this, but the results were the same.
    So basically the only way it works is to replace all of the faces with new ones every year. It is still better than the horrible cartoon faces in the game, but it does sort of spoil it.
    This facepack is awesome though, so much so that I cant play FM without it now.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the kind words, however the NewGan preserve error is nothing to do with the facepack I use it every season and it works fine, on the odd occasion it doesnt I just re install fresh and run it again and it works fine. I have seen many posts in regards to preserve not working correctly but as we have nothing to do with the NewGan tool we cant advise the best “fix”. So to say the facepack is “fraught with issues” is a tad off the mark, I found downloading the latest version of the NewGan tool helped, that and I always make a copy of the config before I run it just in case it does ever not work first time, but in total on FM24 I have ran it for 8 seasons and had the issue once, re installed and ran fine.

      1. I didnt mean it to look like the Facepack was the issue or that it was flawed.
        I meant the process of replacing the faces. Sorry I thought my post made that clear as I complimented the Facepack many times in the post. I never said the facepack was flawed. Quite the opposite.
        The facepack is awesome, so much so that I cant play without them now.
        I will try again at my next youth intake, but its 5 seasons in a row now where Newgan just hangs and freezes.
        I had 1.31 at first and was advised to go back to 1.21. So I did …..but the same results.

  11. Will there be an update pack 11 with the changes required with the latest FM24 update

  12. Good evening,
    I’m using this pack since the start of FM24 but today after loading my game, the generated faces from my youth intakes (first two seasons) are gone, and i can’g give them new ones. Didn’t change any setting or didn’t attempt to give any players a new ‘face’. Could this be an issue because of the last FM update or can i try anything else to solve this ? Checked the ID numbers and the config file is still in place.

  13. To those having issues since the update, as above you need to change the config file.
    I am no expert but even I managed to do this.
    In the config file you need to change all of the files with 200 at the start to r-200.
    This will then correctly recognise all of the faces you had previously.

    I am not sure how Newgan app will work in the future until I get to the next youth intake

  14. Just to report something that has just happened to me and I have no idea why.

    My youth intake come in and they were already populed with the Newan faces……I did not even run tte Newegan app.

    So I added a Manager to do a wider serach and it looks like all of the Newgens have the Newgen faces. I mean its good but I have no idea how this has happened.

    1. The only way anything like this was possible was if you did something to the newgens on your end. The pack wouldn’t do this on its own, it’s impossible.

      1. Yeah I know …..but it did happen.
        The only thing it may have been is I tried to add some staff pics using the Newgen app.
        At the time I did this my new youth intake were not even in my game. I am thinking that maybe the ID numbers may have been created before they showed up in my save, but as I ran the app it maye have allocated the faces.
        Its a strange one, but I have definitely not run the app after my youth intake.
        As I say the day the intake was annouced they all had the pack faces. I thought I was going mad 🙂
        Thanks for all your work with this. I could not play without these faces now

  15. Hello, in my save newgens from czech republic doesnt get face when i do the process, any one know what to do?
    Kind Regards

  16. Hola en mi caso tengo dentro de la carpeta de fmugens donde estan las distintas razas que serian para los jugadores, otra carpeta aparte que se llama Staff con sus respectivas imagenes de personal que son distintas a las de los jugadores. El problema que al ejecutar el newgan manager con el RTF de los empleados, el programa toma las imagenes de las carpetas de las razas que seria la de los jugadores y no toma de las de la carpeta staff, entonces los empleados tienen imagenes de los jugadores.
    Espero me hayas entendido. Gracias. Uso FM23

  17. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work for players of some nationalities, such as Argentine, Turkish, British, etc. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I followed all the steps the same way and I’m sure I loaded the IDs of the players that not applied in the text file, but I can’t find a solution.
    These players are found in an RTF extension file, but are not found in the config file created by the app.

    1. It works fine. If you’re having issues with nationalities not working then its an issue with the way you’ve set newgan manager up. Which isn’t anything to do with us, so you’ll need to ask the creators of that.

  18. Hi Paul, I’m asking where is the said config file to change the player id? Thanks

      1. Thanks for the reply! However, there isn’t any blank config file in the “staff” folder from the update 1,2,3, and 12. Should I download the Mega Pack? (I didn’t download it because of the large file size). Thanks Paul!

        1. Ah OK, yeh the config is in the megapack, I’d you don’t want to download that you can just copy another config from a face pack you have and use that just remember to remove the code for the faces in the pack you copied it from and just have the newgen faces code

  19. Hey! I’ve used the automated process with the NewGan tool and my FMUGens config file is huge given my 8 season career. I now want to start a new career from scratch. Should I simply delete all the lines of the config file as none of the newgens exist? Thanks again for all your work 😉

  20. FMRTE has a free facepack installation feature. It works with any facepack. People should try it. It works with the free version of the program.

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