Following the success of the FMUGens Face Packs, and the buzz it has created on Twitter, Paul has put together an AI Stadium Pack and included a config file to start with.  This first pack contains 63 images that you can use for new stadiums in FM23 and previous versions!

Below are a few examples of what awaits in this download.

There are some smaller stadiums in this pack, but going forwards we will add some lower-league ones as well.

To edit the Config file you need to follow the below instruction:

  • Place the downloaded stadium pack in the graphic folder for FM – Usually found in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20XX
  • In FM go to Preferences and make sure you tick ‘Show Screen ID’ and then Confirm.
  • Navigate to the stadium screen and take note of the ID number.
  • Open the Config file using Notepad or something similar.
  • With the included Config file you will need to put the Image File Name where it says ‘PICTURE NAME’ and the Stadium ID where it says ‘STADIUM ID’.
  • Save the file.
  • Now go to FM – Preferences- Clear Cache – Reload Skin. The Stadium will now show as long as you have a skin that shows them.
  • To include more follow these steps but in the config file just copy the code and make sure it’s on the line directly under the previous one as below, and edit the two parts highlighted on the previous image.

Hopefully, this helps with your immersion during your save.

Download Here:







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