I have played a few seasons ahead so have got to catch the blogs up. The next few posts might be a bit shorter so we can catch up,

We have completed our first season at Bochum, The main objective was to get Bochum back on a better financial footing in season one so we could launch a promotion challenge in season 2.

In the January window we brought in 2 reinforcements

Conte signed from Anderlecht for €1.2m and Stark joined on loan until the summer.

We cleared out a few players deemed surplus to requirements as well.

I went back to basics with the tactic

The idea was to let the opposition have the ball, defending in a mid block then countering directly and getting bodies forward with the two IWBs providing a anchor as the front 6 push forward.

It paid off as we just missed out on the playoffs, losing the last 3 games of the season didn’t help as with those 9 points we could have finished second. But 6th was about right for where we are as a team.

As you can see we had some good performers this season, Neris finishing 3rd in the scoring charts, Bergvall 3rd in the assist charts.


We ended the season with a balance of nearly €4m before they paid out league and tv money.

We also got the budget under control with over €75,000pw saved

I went into the summer with a small recruitment plan. I wanted a new centre back pairing and wanted to sign Bergvall on a permanent deal.

Bergvall joined us on a free. We then signed two centre backs for €1.7m

Al-Imam signed from recently relegated Odd in Norway. His release clause meant I could sign him for €1.5m. A left sided CB always carries a premium and helps the way I like to CBs to line up.

Haug was in next and a steal after he was transfer listed. Just €200k, right footed CB to create my new partnership.

My fourth signing was a loan for a back up right back.

We managed to sell €4.22m worth of players during the summer to continue help improve the finances

We headed into the season with this tactic

As we have improved I want us to play out a bit more from defence. The Half Back drops in and allows more players to push forward with the ball. But still be direct and get bodies into the box.

The aim this season is promotion so we will need to finish top 3. We should have done it this season really but It’s given us another year to sort the club out.


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