I’ve now finished my Journeyman save and I’m going to round up the last 2 seasons in this post.

Following our success last year when we qualified for the Champions League, So we had the impact of more games this season.

During the winter break I signed 4 more players,

Our season didn’t finish that well, a midtable finish

Following that we were heavily linked to the Inter Milan job, After deciding I would only play one more season this save I thought it would be a fitting end

Finish the job playing defensively solid football with Inter and Catenaccio style, I did my research into Hector Herrera’s tactic and built this as a recreation

We then went about building a team for one season.

We had a lot of upset players who wanted out so we raised a big transfer kitty.

Then the Ins

So the team looked like this

Short term investment but a lot of these are young for Italy!

We went on to finish second, Juventus ran away with it. We didn’t do anything of note in Europe either.

This post is short and sweet but I wanted to round up the save for anyone reading.

I’ve enjoyed the save and It has taken us from Denmark 4th division to Serie A

5 different countries 6 different clubs, 4 with blue badges which I’ve just noticed. With time running out because I like to have a break from FM between September and November I thought this would be a good time to call it a day

But I do have some news

My world famous annual save reveal video is coming soon. So that will drop in September.
Thanks to all who have followed my save this year, I’ve got a exciting save lined up for FM24 and can’t wait to share it with you.




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