In todays post Aidan McHenry shares with us a player you should consider signing on FM24

Assane Diao has burst onto the scene for Real Betis as a rising talent in both La Liga and Europa League. Through four domestic matches, the Spanish-Senegalese dual national has already scored twice and added one more in two European appearances. Newly 18, the young winger will start at 17 in your save, while his primary position of AMR reflects the supporting right wing he has slotted in during most senior appearances to begin his career.

In terms of his strong base physical attributes to begin the game, they reflect well on Diao in real life. At 185 cm with an athletic build that carries great pace, explosiveness, and strength (especially for his age) alongside his terrific work rate to hustle rapidly up and down the flank exemplify this physical profile. At 16, his best individual attribute being natural fitness encompasses this well.

By far one of his best technical attributes in game is his dribbling. The attribute reflects his real play, as it is a top ability of his, but there is room to improve. Although his athleticism adds an attractive aspect, Diao must continue to refine his technique. In addition, the finishing attribute for the young Betis star should be improved from nine soon with the goals he has scored recently. Realistically, his finishing still must improve as the volume of shots and positioning he manages to get in due to his runs allow him to create chances for himself easily. Diao’s finishing touch on shots will need to be a focus in training if he is to keep up this output.

The last focus for this young star’s game is something mentioned briefly in the last paragraph. Diao’s off the ball ability is something that puts him in terrific places to find finishes for himself. Using great timing for his runs to catch his marker out has showcased that blazing pace and unique explosiveness while allowing him to improve finishing during matches and gain needed confidence.

This young Spanish youth international has a bright future ahead. Bringing dynamism to the wing, Diao could be your next sneaky signing to begin your FM24 journey.


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