In this post Brian Cook shares with us some American players to sign on FM24

America is a growing soccer nation. It’s hard to ignore it, While Major League Soccer and it’s many rules usually drive FM players away rather than towards it, Americans continue to infiltrate the pitches of European clubs and many other clubs world wide. That being said – there are many players who have made their way to Europe and have begun plying their trade.

This list will be broken down in a similar manner to the Development Centre which to me, makes the most sense for presenting American players you should be looking at in FM 24

Needs attention

Joshua Wynder – Central Defender – Louisville City FC (USL Championship) joining Benfica 

It’s very early on for Wynder. Coming from the United Soccer League, USA’s professional second division. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with loads of potential. He’ got size and technical skills to match for a central defender that if you are a lower division team looking for a cheeky loan option, Wynder is worth the loan option

Jonathan Gomes– Left wingback, winger, etc – Real Sociedad –

Gomez also come from Louisville City with an extra year or so under his belt in Europe. Much like Wynder, it’s a little early to know what you could get with Gomes and how he’s progressed. He would definitely need some attention and game time that it’s unclear if he would really be worth the purchase- however, again, like Wynder, he would be worth a little loan if you have a need and want to have a “low risk high reward” return. 

Ones to Watch

Milan Iloski – Forward –  Orange County (USL Championship) – Joining Nordsjaelland in January) 

Iloski’s move to Europe was a BIG deal for the USL Championship landscape. He’s got a load of technical ability and at the time of writing finished the regular season with 16 goals and 5 assists. He will arrive in Denmark, which looks to be a great place for low risk and patient player development that he can easily turn around and provide strong attacking help whether you play for his new club, FC Nordsjaelland, or rather wait to see how he develops before you sneak in for a big.

Gabriel Slonina – Goalkeeper – Chelsea

Slonina is one that personally I haven’t paid attention to in my own saves but I know many people have seen grow to huge height. Likely the eventual starting Goalkeeper for the US Men’s National Team sometime after 2026, Slonina could provide both cover at that position, and potentially, a key starter with international experience. 

Paxton Aaronson – Midfield, Attacking Midfielder Striker – Eintracht Frankfurt


I was on the fence bout whether Aaronson was one to watch or needs attention. He’s not a bad player who is unlikely to crack into the first team for Frankfurt. In a save in FM23, I actually had him on loan to AFC Wimbledon in League One where he was quality but lacked physical strength to maintain to hold up the ball. However, his name comes with some weight as he is the younger brother to Brenden Aaronson, he would be cheap, and given the right path way, could find himself as both a quality attacking option at unique roles or eventually, a nice flip to make a profit… if you are into that sort of thing.

Kevin Paredes – Left wingback, winger – Wolfsburg

Much like Sonina, Paredes isn’t a name I personally have seen in a lot of my saves recently but that’s just due to not being in and around Germany. A lot of pluses with him, however, as he has a number of wide positions that he has strength in. Out of all the previously mentioned players, he is the most likely to be closer to an outright first team candidate, needing little work to make it into MOST first teams.

First team candidates 

Taylor Booth – Utrecht – Midfielder… and a few other positions

Booth is probably the most underrated U-23 in the program. He basically can play anywhere between midfield, Defensive midfield, all the way up to forward and defence if he really needs to. A budding senior team member of the US Men’s National Team, he’s worth some investment in. and can turn out to be a bit of an “American Swiss army knife” when it comes to selection 


Florian Balogun – Striker – Monaco 

Balogun is the best quality player on this list and depending on your level is a day one starter on most teams needing a solid striker option. His move to join the USMNT over England (He is a dual national… which is plus as well) sent cheers from every layer of the National Team program. He has a strong history of goal scoring in many Football Manager saves and is likely a long term starter for the USMNT, so work permits wouldn’t be difficult. The only issue for his move is that he just signed for Monaco from Arsenal, so you might have to hold off before you bring the starting striker for the USMNT to your side.

These are just a few of the many names I could have mentioned as players to sign in Football Manager 2024 – there are many layers to the game in the states and the future is bright for the men’s program and the women’s program will match that when Football Manager 2025 introduces the women’s game and, presumably, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL, Top division for the Women’s Game in the States) as well as the USWNT.


Happy gaming! 


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