Last year for FM23 I released a post about how I approach Pre-season training, you can read it here… LINK
During that post I mainly talked about how I arranged the matches. In this post I will be explaining about how I approach the training.
First of all some thoughts behind it.
Preseason for me is about fitness, getting my squad into condition to last a season of games and a season of lighter training. So the whole schedule is built around getting players fit and game time.
So with my approach of  6+1 which entails 6 days of training and matches and 1 rest day. I’ve come up with this.

This then gives us a new schedule of

  • Four days training
  • Two match days
  • Recovery and Rest day

This might seem like I’m just overworking the players and taking away their rest days but their rest day comes in when the alternative XI play their game. Previously I’d name a squad of 22/23 and make 11 changes at halftime for the first few games then on the hour mark for the later games. When actually all this does is decrease the amount of minutes players play and mainly focus on the starting XI fitness as a priority. Whereas the new way everyone gets maximum playing time.

I’ve only arranged three cups due to the shorter preseason that starts in Portugal

So then I added the Schedule I created for maximum fitness.

You can see where I’ve marked CUP final on the day after matches.

Schedule download link – PRESEASON

I’m not too worried about the results but I don’t want to destroy morale, so I start with 2 games vs teams we can beat with ease, then two around our standard and then two teams who are better than us to fully test the tactic.

You can see here below that everyone is fit and sharp and only 2 players have a high injury risk after a hard preseason


As you can see we’ve started the season brilliantly and I believe this is down to our fitness. Players aren’t tiring and we’ve only had two injuries so far and they were both 1-3 days only.

There’s a insight into how I set up preseason with the schedule and hopefully it can help you.


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