Part 2 of @CM97/98 Norwich save is here

Hello and welcome back to one man’s disastrous attempt at learning FM24. In the first episode of what might turn out to be a very short series, I took over at Norwich City in the Championship. Things started quite well but went massively downhill and after 11 games we sit 17th, a long way short of our media prediction of 5th and more importantly, a lot less than the playoff position Delia Smith demands of us.

I was expecting this but some members of the squad have come for a chat, lead by Grant “not kicked a ball for me yet” Hanley.

To be fair, it’s fairly obvious we need to make a change. I tell the unhappy bunch that I’m going to change things tactically and I have a plan. I don’t but they don’t have to know that. It’s an International break so we do at least have two weeks to train something.

I took to X (Twitter) to ask for advice. Am I the moron? Yes, it would seem so. Ideas came flooding in but a tactical angel appeared on my shoulder. His name is Ross, and he’s been in my corner for a long time now. “Don’t worry,” the 6-foot 7, bald angel said. “I’ve devised a tactic that even you can’t fail with.”

It’s not massively different to what we were playing before. The attacking midfielder becomes a striker and the left winger is, in old money, an AMLC.


It’s attacking and plays football at a tempo which satisfies my requirements but also more crucially what the board want. Oh and our next game is against local rivals Ipswich, for goodness sake.

Thing is though, most of the world’s best managers are bald. Ignore Ten Hag. And Brian McDermott. But focus on Pep. Zidane. Christian Gross. We’ve got this. 3-0 up after 40 minutes before going down to 10 and giving ourselves a tricky second half. Local bragging rights secured, you just try and sack me now Delia.