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Whilst I have taken a short hiatus to complete some more skinning jobs, I played through the remainder of the season and, sadly, feel a little less well-connected to Elfsborg as I once did. In ‘real life’ terms, I’ve been managing them for a little over a month – a not too short time frame in the scheme of the game – and, in that time, have led them to two Allsvenskan titles, losing just once in sixty league games. However, two flops in Svenska Cup finals, once recently, and a tough start to life in the Champions League tells me that this project either needs to end now or continue for another five to six years. Yet my short stint here and, to be fair, the completion of my time in Sweden following the spell at GIF Sundsvall has been nothing short of incredible. Here, I have garnered a thorough understanding of the game: moving tactically over the past year into a really fluid shape and style that gives me both pleasure to watch and a great amount of attacking potency carefully balanced with a strong defence.

But now, it is time to move on. Resignation tendered. The sacking of Stefan Leitl, Bochum manager, is of interest to me. An ex Bundesliga club now sat precariously near the bottom of the 2.Liga with significant financial constraints, yet a culture of youth development:


This could be that long, long term project that I now crave. It’s not even quite a sideways step as they are rated as a more reputable club than our own and, wages alone, have plays who earn 900% of our top earners. My eggs aren’t quite in one basket but, as a soon-to-be free agent, I don’t feel that I’m particularly a hard get if they want me


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