Welcome back to East Anglia, where I’m in a far better mood than the start of the previous episode. We sit 7th, one of the form teams in the division and now it’s time to plan for January. A real club would do that in probably August, but I’m not a real manager. Yet.


The squad planner feature is useful. Is it new?

Either way it confirms what we already knew – Ashley Barnes is a 1 star (but playing his part). That’s my priority, but good strikers don’t grow on trees. At least, not in January. We’ll see what the scouts can do. We’ve got £2m to spend but the wages are a problem, so probably less than £2m. We could also get rid of some chumps eating up wages, but I suspect better men have tried.

There is of course football still to play and a busy time of year for English clubs might prove to be a problem for our intense style. A trip to Hull starts well with Gelhardt netting twice but ends only in a draw due to Aaron Connolly’s fairly late intervention. For once, we’re matched for shots so I can’t really complain.

It’s absolutely more of the same a week later but this time at Preston. Sara nets twice, there’s only 22 minutes left and yet once again it ends 2-2. Maybe I am the problem? We just aren’t very good at shutting up shop.

I suppose I can at least take solace in the number of chances we made this time. We take out all that frustration on poor old Stoke, who make the mistake of scoring in the opening 14 seconds. It turns into a good old fashioned hiding, we net 6 whilst conceding our now customary two. I’m particularly buoyed by the performance of Placheta, a Polish winger turned full back who was listed for transfer when I arrived at the club but with a license to attack, he’s good competition for McCallum.