I thought about what identity I want to create at QPR but also about what would be best for my young players to develop in

* In possession 343 box – Create a narrow shape in possession so players are close together and have option for escape balls out wide.
* High energy out of possession – With a much younger side now and coming through utilise the youthfulness to press and win balls back quick
* In possession quick short passes – Quick passes to unsettle option. This is more high risk but hopefully with counters we can break and score

The Tactic

The tactic in action

In this first image you can see the shape forming for the 343 box. The RB (Paal) has come back inside as an IWB to play alongside Field to give us defensive solidity and McKinstry and Martin are holding the width.

Again here further up the pitch and we are overloading their defence committing bodies forward whilst not leaving ourselves open to the counter.

Another shot where you can see the shape forming nice and early.

I’m sure you are thinking this is great but lets see it in action.
SO below is a goal scored.

Next is where you can see the high press working which we turn into a goal

Again here you can see the high press working.

So with this identity and squad I will see how QPR get on this season and bring you an end of season update next.








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