A quick update to provide you all with the outcome of of November fixtures and provide a little overview on the work our minimal scouting department are doing behind the scenes.




Despite the results not going our way, we managed to create 5.79 expected goals across the three matches, only conceding 1.29. Managing to impressively restrict the opponents to no gaols, or high chance shooting opportunities.




The match analysis within the data hub highlights one of our main negatives across these three games above, we managed 67 touches in our opponents box, converted into just two goals.




Our worst performance came against Havre AC, creating 1.91 xG and failing to hit the back of the net, with 11 of our 14 shots off target. Ignatius Ganago the prime culprit with 0.65 xG accumulated, missing a shot with an xG of 0.51.




Despite the slight drop off we remain one of Ligue 1’s form sides, as we continue to defy the odds and remain three points adrift from league leaders PSG.





The below is a representation on how my small recruitment team are set up, you will note that the three key attributes I value are judging ability, potential, and adaptability. (key for the size of our staffing team).




The staff are set up as best aligned to regions which they are familiar with, this gives them a significant head start with regards to talent identification, as they already know the area.




Once individuals have been identified I refer them to my head of scouting to give them the once over, if they appeal they will be assigned to one of three shortlists.




Worldies – a player which has been identified as holding either significant ability or potential, they currently are out of reach of our club (financially), or currently do not hold an interest in signing. If we receive a fee of significant value, or secure a boost in reputation these players would be the first port of call for recruitment.


Affordable Gems – players which have a current ability of 2 or 2.5, below the average squad players (3 star rating), these players have a price tag which is well within budget and also do not have significant wage demands.


First Team Ready – players which have a minimum of three star current ability, players which I can immediately turn to if another team presents an offer for a first-team player.




When looking at our world knowledge, you will see that were heavily focused on three regions, Western Europe, South Europe, and North Africa, to align with our initial aim.







A big month awaits as we face Ligue 1’s most inform side and the super club PSG. Strap yourselves in for the next update!


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