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Football Manager 2019 has drawn to a close for me. I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about my 8 seasons in charge briefly and how Kaiserslautern did for the next 5 seasons after I resigned.

8 seasons? Is that all you ask?

Yes 8 seasons was all I played, it wasn’t through lack of enjoyment. It was due to playing attributeless, I’m not going to go into depth about that again as I’ve mentioned it plenty and on the GrassNGear podcast. But that meant playing a lot more in-depth than before which was time consuming.

A brief season round up of my career.


Season 2018/19

A slow start, I struggled to get up and running but a late run saw us finish 2nd on goal difference

Season 2019/20

A long season where we made sure we didn’t go straight back down.

Season 2020/21

Promoted! Back in the big time. Finished 2nd again

Season 2021/22

Survival! A very very young side kept us up. My best achievement yet.


Season 2022/23

Europe! We march on and Kaiserslautern return to European football

Season 2023/24

Europa League Runners Up! Unfortunately our league form suffered and we miss out on a return to European football

Season 2024/25

Champions League football returns to Kaiserslautern.

Season 2025/26

We can’t cope with European and domestic football so league form again suffers.

Ausrustung RESIGNS!

Season 2026/27

Ausrustung’s replacement is

he doesn’t last the season

before being sacked and replaced by ……..

Valverde manages to drag Kaiserslautern away from trouble and up to 12th before the end of the season.

Season 2027/28

Valverde only lasted a year before moving to Milan so Kaiserslautern decide to appoint one of my coaches and former player

Klose took Kaiserslautern to their highest finish since I resigned with a 10th place finish.

Season 2028/29

In Klose’s first full season in charge he leads us back into europe!

Season 2029/30

4th! and back to the champions league! Well done Klose, the foundations I laid are paying off 😉

Season 2030/31

Another European adventure booked. Happy to say after two failed appointments the board went to a man who knows the club and its paid off.


Klose took them back to Europe after a few years away after I left and now they seem to be a top 7 side. I’m glad all the hard work i put in didn’t go to waste and the club didn’t slide down the leagues again.
Overall FM19 was a great save for me attributeless was a different experience, I don’t think i’d do it again.
It was great fun coming up through the leagues and restoring Kaiserslautern back to former glories and back into europe again.

Thanks for reading and bring on FM20



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