Welcome to the football manager 20 Beta save “Three Brothers”
If you have no idea what I am talking about watch this short video;

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Im0d6Cuq1Y&w=560&h=315]

So my beta save is with Grasshoppers in Switzerland. But i wanted to go one step further than just playing a season.
For those of you that aren’t on Slack Tony aka @FM_Grasshopper became known as FM_Drawhopper on FM19 because his tactic basically guaranteed him a draw and for this reason he failed to win silverware.
What i wanted to do was recreate his draw tactic and try and win the title.


So I took over with Gerhard Swartzenruber the brother of Tony’s Alter ego on his FM16 save.
(please use this link to read his blog posts link)

I decided I wouldn’t waste time trying to sign players so i disabled first window and went with what we had.
We settled on the tactic and set off with the aim to make the playoffs.

Early season


As you can see the draw tactic is working lovely. 9 draws from 20 games with 13 clean sheets left us in 2nd place at the winter break.

Run in 


Another 12 games played 10 clean sheets 4 draws with one loss.
This left us top with 4 games to play 2 points clear of second place.

Promotion battle 


The good news is Winterthur and Schaffhausen have to play each other


Another 2 draws but only one clean sheet in the last 4 games




So despite Tony’s arguments, you can draw your way to a title!
15 draws in 36 games is mad. We only conceded 17 goals which probably helped. A solid defensive tactic and a piece of silverware secured!

As you can see with the new club vision feature I finished 1 year ahead of schedule by winning the title!


I enjoyed my one season save and i’m looking forward to seeing how the other two brothers @ted_redwood and @fmpressure get on.

Thanks for reading and enjoy FM20!


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