Welcome back again, I’m loving this save right now and thanks for all of you who are following along.
When we left off we were in a relegation battle, let see how we got on.


8 points from a possible 18 gets some points on board but we still need more to ensure safety.


8 points from a possible 12 is a great month for us.


5 points from a possible 21 but the point vs Sheffield Wednesday ensured survival!


Another year in the Championship and we have met our target, this was the hardest season yet for us.


Frenz and Ronan were both our best players but signing Marcus Edwards in January was a masterstroke. His performances turnt our season around.


Mola leaving for £12.25m left a massive gap so I once again broke my record for this save paying £2m for Leighton Clarkson. We still made a £15m profit on transfers. Marmol left for £3,5m and Brockbank for £2.8m


After the success on Frenz we went back to Leverkusen and found Ehrentraut to improve our options at right back. £62k is a small risk fee too.


Essomba signed from Cameroon a young center back with potential.


Krzepisz is a Polish player who had made nearly 100 appearances in Northern Ireland Premiership by aged 19. My scouts found him and his contract was ending so i signed him on a free.


Game changer! It seems like i sign a new striker every summer but Salcedo is the best yet! Scouts say he’s at a Premier League standard already. Even if he’s only with a one season before a bigger club comes and takes him like Mola.


When Mola left we had a big gap in the team, After the struggle last season and the signing of Salcedo i didn’t want to weaken the side again. When I saw Clarkson was available the DOF agreed a deal that suited us.


Balance after the transfers gives us enough to cover the debts this season.

Chairman looking to sell

After 5 seasons the club seems to be on the market.


We had an attempted takeover but it fell through. We still have 18 months of debt repayments left to make. Ideally i’d like no change in ownership until after that point.


We’re stronger than last year, I’m hopeful we can start moving forward over the next 2 seasons ready for a playoff run once the debt has cleared. With some good transfer dealing we have now made a £41m profit on transfers under my tenure.
Luckily this seems to have kept us breaking even with the debt repayments and general costs of running the club. We have the lowest wage bill in the Championship so we are overachieving our expenditure.

Thanks for reading again.


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