Welcome back, Another season our 4th in the championship and 6th overall. We’re nearing the end of the debt which will be cleared end of the 7th season. Now we have to push on and get to midtable in the next 2-3 years before a playoff push


A great start to the season, 14 points from a possible 18 and 2 cup wins.


Two defeats puts the brakes on we ended with 3 points from a possible 9 but we’re through in the cup


13 from a possible 15 another great month. We went out to Spurs in the cup


10 points from a possible 15 another good month for us.


5 points from a possible 18. Marcus Edwards is injured for the season. Coincidence?


5 points from a possible 12. another slow month for us. A win in the cup and a draw for a replay earnt vs Swansea.


I think we’re safe from relegation!

Transfers Out

Ennis, Riley, Hurford-Lockett, Samuel and Senior all refused new deals and were out of contract in the summer so rather than keep paying them for another 6 months they can go now. none were needed in the first team squad. Whalley handed in a transfer request as he wouldn’t sign a new deal so i confronted him. I’m abit gutted.

Transfers In


A young Irish winger. Scouts found him and he was out of contract


Another player found playing in Ireland and out of contract he comes in to cover the losses on Ennis and Samuel.


Whalley handed in a transfer request and with Senior leaving we needed another RB. Ferreirinha was highly recommended


What a start to the season, Edwards out has hit us hard. We’re safe so whatever happens the next 17 games its been a great season for us. I’d love to finish in the playoffs just for the experience. Whalley aside i’m glad we managed to keep the squad together through the winter.

Come back next week and see how we get on!


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0 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers 2024 – Part One : The Whites are on the right track

  1. Good for you. I`ve just got promoted from League 1 to The Championship in my 1st Season with Bolton. I did it with young Prem loans. Did you just do 1 post for 2019-2023?. 4 Seasons in the Championship seems a long time. My plan is to get to the Prem asap, clear the debt & survive??. GL.

    1. ive done 2 posts a season so far mate, check the homepage, I’ve not done any loans at all. I’m now heading into my 8th season in the championship

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