Welcome back again, and for sticking with my updates I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am still.



Amazing, with just one year and £6m left to pay off, We have been taken over, the new chairman paid off the loan and took out a new one for £3.9m repayable over the next 10 years!!! So we have gone from being a year away from debt free to 10 years. Couldn’t make it up.


8 points from a possible, 18 and out of the cup


6 points from a possible 15 points this month. We have no midfield and its hurting us


11 points from a possible 18 to round off a great season for us.


7th, missed out on playoffs by 4 points, the injuries to Edwards and Ronan hurt us and we drew too many which cost us a playoff spot.


Politics run as YPOTY is over as Assarsson wins it, Halme wins POTY


£3.5m profit, but some good replacements for the players we moved on in the winter window. We really reinforced the central midfield options with youth and talent after being burnt by not having enough options to cover injuries last season



German Center Midfielder another signing from Leverkusen who are becoming a feeder club for us!


17year old one for the future but he’s not far off the first team, a year out on loan will benefit him.


Back to Northern Ireland for another quality youngster.


German’s and Northern Irish youngsters are what i favour it seems, another one coming from Leverkusen, hes made 12 appearances for the first team and scored 2 so hoping for big stuff from him.


Slovenian Youngster had a big move to Udinese at a young age for £300k, only made two appearances before they cut their losses, hoping he can get his career back on track.


Czech mate! New starting left back Vanek joins having been starting left back for the past 2 seasons at his previous club, hes an upgrade on our current options


Deadline day signing McCann joins from United after he had a sensational loan at Norwich last season.

Starting XI



We overachieved last year there’s no doubting that but I want to go for the playoffs this season, We have bought in some quality young players, Can they translate their quality into performances on the pitch, we had the 3rd best defence last season but the 18th best attack so we need to be more aggressive this season and go for 3 points when drawing games. The takeover has freed us from £500k per month repayments a year early we now are only repaying £39k a month so we should be able start to challenge abit more financially off the pitch and start looking into upgrades for the first time this save.


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