Welcome back hope you’re all safe and well. Today we will catch up with the end of the season.


A horrendous month 3 losses and a big defeat in europe.


4 points from a possible 9 in the league, two wins in the FA cup takes us into the semi final. A 1-0 win vs Monaco wasn’t enough to overturn the first leg loss.


7 points from a possible 15 in the league but a great win vs Liverpool takes us into the FA Cup final for the first time since 1958!


6 points from a possible 9.

The 2030/31 FA Cup Final

An amazing win! We win our first FA Cup of the save it was a great run


A step back in the league but the squad seemed to find it hard juggling more than one competition.



£283m in fees from players sold!


Herve will be retrained as a RM as an Inverted Winger, he’s young but he can add depth to the squad straight away


A big fee for a 16 year old but we need more more homegrown players. Currie has the potential to be great for us.


We needed a new goalkeeper and Englishman Quinn ticked the boxes.


Following the sale of Lewis we needed a new right winger Jamie has been at some big clubs but failed to take his chance. Hopefully he can settle here.


A free signing and a youngster with high potential.


This signing is the same as currie, I wanted a young english talent with high potential. He comes in as second choice at 16!


A nice group for the Europa campaign.

A great season to win the FA Cup and get to the champions league knockout stages whilst qualifying for Europa league football next season.
Some big sales this summer sees a shift in focus for us, We are now focusing on youth and making our own homegrown players, we have promoted 5 youth players to the first team squad and included the new signings too. This season will be interesting to see how we cope with a much younger squad.
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0 thoughts on “Bolton Wanderers 2030: Part Two – Making History

  1. Finally, all caught up! Really enjoyed reading through these, Dan. I love how much transfer business you have going on. I think I need to buy up more players on lower values, train them, loan them and sell them to keep the money coming in! Some inspiration for sure! KUTGW!

    1. I love to inspire people OJ, I’m glad you enjoyed catching up.
      I think to grow as a club we need to be aggressive on the transfer front, happy to sell and replace with cheaper younger players.
      I see Ajax as a perfect example, a revolving door of talent

  2. Hi mate,

    Looking forward to the next addition of this series! How do you drive up the prices so well for players sold? All down to the Director of Football? Do you find your own DofF with a high negotiating rating?

    1. Hi mate, it’s abit of both. If the DOF agrees a poor deal I’ll veto it and when they bid again I’ll take over but a lot is the DOF. My DOF isn’t even the best to be honest

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