Welcome back, I hope everyone is staying safe and indoors. We start our first foray into Europe with Bolton this season and the extra games will put strain on our small squad.


We start the season with 7 points from 12


Only 3 points from 9 in the league but big wins in europe and the cup VS RBL and Arsenal


Another 2 wins in the Champions League makes it 9 from 9 but we’re out of the cup to Chelsea. 4 points from a possible 9 in the league is a worry.


Another 6 points in the champions league and we’re through to the knockout rounds. 8 points from a possible 12 in the league is an improvement.


A very rotated team earnt a draw in europe. 9 points from 18 in the league isn’t good enough.


8 points from 12 is an improvement to round of the first half of the season with 2 wins in the FA Cup.


We’re still in 3 competitions, I think top 4 wont happen again this season but Europa League is still on.

Champions League


An amazing first trip into Europe.

Next round

Monaco will offer a massive challenge in the next round.



Juan Carlos leaves for a massive profit after joining for £325k.


Bezerra joins from Santos for £18m. I struck early as interest in him was increasing from bigger clubs, he was my target for the summer.


A beauty! He joins our other 2 South American central midfielders to create a great trio.


A great start to the season in Europe but struggling abit in the league. We have the best defence but we aren’t scoring enough. I think I will have to start being more aggressive domestically for the rest of the season.
I still need to find a goalkeeper as mine leaves this summer for $40m to Bayern.
Come back next week to see how the season finishes.


  • Daniel Gear

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  1. Great stuff, Dan!
    Can we have an updated article on your tactical evolution once again?
    I learnt a lot from that last time.

      1. Not much has to change. But it is still a great help to understand how you can evolve your tactic by adjusting it with minor steps. Not many blogs out there take that approach and that last one (A tactical evolution) was one of the most eye-opening for me.
        If you can slot in how you change your in-game approach (in general) depending on if you’re in front or missing a goal that would be great too.

        1. I’m glad it helped mate, ok I’ll look into what I can come up with from here. Maybe if I win a cup or something. Would help lol.

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