I was going to release this as 3 seperate posts but decided to do 1 final post to wrap up FM20, This post will conclude my final 18 months in charge of Bolton Wanderers.

February 2036

3 wins from 3 in the league and a nice win at home in the Champions League.


4 points from a possible 9 and out of the Champions League on pens, Through to the FA Cup Semi finals.


5 points from 12 in the league and into the FA Cup Final


4 points from 12 in the league and FA Cup winners for the 3rd time in my career at Bolton

Final Table

We again missed out on a league title, But finishing 4th gives us another shot at the Champions League. 30 point gap is crazy though I question whether we can make that up next season.



I had a bit of a clearout of fringe and youth, Herve leaves for a £10m profit, Little for £13m profit, Thomas, McCarthy and Donaldson were all homegrown and left for a total £19m profit and Lawrence we got back what we paid for him.


I’ve bought Geiger in as my last ever signing as Bolton Manager, £101m to give us a bit more in midfield and for the future of the club.

Season 2036/37


We lost to Man City in the Community Shield followed but 3 0-0’s before our first win of the season meant 6 points from a possible 12, not the best start to a title challenge.


7 points from a possible 9 is better in the league, 3 from 6 in the Champions League and through in the EFL Cup.


7 from 9 in the league again.  A loss to barcelona in the CL and through in the EFL Cup.


8 from 12 in the league and 2 wins in the CL sees us through to the next round.


11 from a possible 18 and the end of our 19 game unbeaten run in the league. Through to the EFL Semis.


Into the EFL cup final! 10 points from a possible 15 in the league and out in the FA Cup


With 13 games left we are 9 points off first, we are in with a shout

Transfers Out

Moved on a few youngsters for small fees to start preparing the club ahead of my departure. Bernal leaves for £24m after signing for £6m.


4 points from a possible 6 and a clean sheet at home in the CL


Another Final lost to Man City in the EFL Cup followed by 1 point from a possible 12 in the league. Through in the CL though


15 from 15 in the league! title race back on? Smashed by spurs in the CL Semi finals.


5 points from a possible 9, did we win the title? wait and see, first we have the Club World Cup to deal with.


We smashed the two teams in the group before losing to Barcelona in the Quarter Finals.

Final Table

And no we didn’t win the title, 4th again. Disappointment all around in my final season.

Manager History

A long career of 18 seasons in charge of Bolton and we have returned them to the top! just a shame about no title win


No League Titles, But two promotions, two champions league wins, three Super cups, one Europa league and 3 FA Cup wins.
A Successful turn around from season 1 of £40m debt and -12 points.

Game time

I do have a full time job and family i promise!

The future

First of all thanks to all my readers for following along this year it was an enjoyable save and i got a lot of interaction from the readers who seemed to be enjoying it too, now for FM21, if you have missed it I revealed my save on youtube heres the link… Save Reveal

I’m looking forward to it and another edition of Football Manager. Its a different save to this but I promise I’ll make it interesting to follow and produce some blog posts.

So thanks to everyone for reading, Stay safe and stay alert!


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