Welcome back, Well its not been the best start to my two season swansong! lets get into it…..


Super cup winners! Again 6 points from a possible 9 in the league


Out of the EFL Cup, 10 from a possible 12 in the league and a draw in CL


An horrendous month, 4 points from 6 in CL and 3 league losses, thats the title gone already.


a 4th loss in a row followed by 2 wins, but at least we qualified from our CL group to the knockouts.


14 points from a possible 20 saw us climb the table


6 points from a possible 12 in the league isnt enough but 2 wins in the FA Cup takes us through to the 5th round


Terrible first half of the season, 6 losses already has killed any title hopes, 20 points behind with 14 games to go. We have one last season to try next year

Transfers Out

CB Raimbault leaves us for £54m and Kurai our young striker leaves for a £30m profit without playing a game for us, but hes done well on loan

The Last Dance

One season left after this, So I sat down and thought about it and looked at the finances etc and moved some wages around plus the sales mentioned above and we had a £400m WARCHEST! I decided I needed to strengthen for one last assault on the title next year.
I wanted a new Keeper, two new center backs, a new left back and a Right Winger. And off my DOF went…

Transfers In

£347.75m spent by the DOF and god did he do a good job!


Experienced centre back joins us from Monaco hes an upgrade on what we currently have.


And heres his new CB partner! I’m over the moon with these two


Now behind them they have Luiz in the sticks! he secures his big move to Europe!


Wing back? Check! Big Fee? Check!
Love spending big on wing backs and we have done it again here 


Finally my Right winger to replace Valdson who left in the summer, this was a main source of my downfall this season.

So this is it, The team has been refreshed and we have 4 months left for them to gel and get used to the system before The Last Dance next season.

Thanks for reading and come back next time.


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