Welcome back, I’ve decided that this save will end in the summer of 2037 with the conclusion of the Club World Cup which we have qualified so we have two seasons left at back after this one we’re talking about today.
The Premier League title is still out of my grasp so lets see how we get on this season.


10 points from a possible 12 in the league and a 2-0 away win in CL


Lost on Pens to United in the EFL Cup final which was a shame as thats one trophy we haven’t won yet. we followed this up with 2 wins in the FA cup to take us to the semis, a 4-1 (6-1agg) win in the Champions League and 6 points from possible 9 in the league


9 points from a possible 12 in the league amd we got past Bayern in the CL to get into the Semis but Spurs beat us in the FA Cup Semis


6 points from 12 ended any hopes of our first premier league title but we’re in back to back CL Finals!


Champions League

And back to back winners!!! Sensational


Manoel had a great season after his signing last summer.

Transfers Out

Man City have bought Valdson for £119m!!! Crazy money and a massive profit, Pancadas finally left after 3 seasons of PSG making bids and talking in the media, rivals Lyon are the ones who actually meet his release clause. Juventus take Borracha for £72m to bring the total money in this summer to £257m

Transfers In

Just the two signings this summer, Bernal was sent straight out on loan and Mohamed replaces Pancadas


One for the future, I doubt he will ever make it as a first teamer here unless he improves a lot but £6m was a no brainer hes already valued at £28m.


Mohamed comes in straight away at RB ready to go from day one.


Boon retired and now joins our non playing staff

This is it then, 2 seasons left I really want that Premier League Title before I finish and hopefully I’ll finish at CWC winners too.
Thanks for reading and see you next time.


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