Cleon Hobson, Son of Claire and Leon. Well, I hope so because where else did they make up such a weird name? 

Cleon has been a mainstay of the Football Manager community for what feels like forever. I remember coming across him around 2004 on the SI forums when I was a young lad and he was in his 50s then, wait… Famous Yorkshire personality talking to younger people we’ve been here before.

All joking aside Cleon has been a knowledgeable base for many in the FM community discussing tactics and the workings of the game. What I like about his content is he tries to teach rather than preach, through his content plenty have learnt how to think about their own tactics and what to think when building them. This shone through in his book “The Playbook part 1”

Cleon stopped writing for a few years and the community was worse off for it so I’m very happy he’s agreed to join myself and DrOtterman with this new website and already we’re seeing people benefit from his book and interactions again. 

He’s got plenty of ideas for content leading up to and into FM23 and I’m excited that we get to share it with you all.

Join Cleon, DrOtterman and me on our discord

Thanks for reading.


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