In my save reveal I laid out my plans for FM23. A quick summary is I’m doing a European Journeyman with no attributes. I’ll be using staff to do all my recruitment, player and staff until I build up a reputation in which clubs would realistically give a manager more control. Then I’ll use stats to identify players to ask the DOF to sign. Starting with no badges or experience I’ll climb my way to the top one club at a time.
I also mentioned manager identity which is something I want to bring to my save. My manager will be a defensive minded manager. Staff will be in control of everything, From player recruitment, contracts for players and staff and finding the best staff for the club.


To implement my defensive football training will play a huge part especially when I first take over a club as we change the styles of some teams. I will have full control of the week to week training ensuring my philosophy is implemented.

Taking over a new club

When I first take over a club the hardest bit will be assessing the squad. Depending on the point in the season I will use the stats they’ve had already and coach reports to help me generate an idea of the situation then based on that I will then build the tactic around them and tweaking depending on transfer activity. The coach report gives you details about the strength and weaknesses of the players and the reason I’m using this is I feel its more realistic.  I will explain this approach more as I take over clubs.

Player development without attributes

Depending on player weaknesses which we can see in the ME, training feedback and coaching feedback we will implement training programmes for each player. Lower down the standards at the start of the journey it will probably be P/R/D focus (Position/Role/Duty) Just getting the best out of weaker players but as we improve it will be more focus on Player traits to refine players.

Game Setup

This is the set up and database I will start with. Apart from Germany I’ve avoided the big 5 leagues as I can add them later on when I feel my ability matches their standards. A decent amount of players in the game world too.

Custom Views
I downloaded FMStags view pack and adapted them for what I needed and once I get a tactic set up I will have individual role views set up too.


I wanted to start with a unique manager rather than Dan Gear. So I went for Former Bristol City striker Soren Andersen from Denmark (Wiki link)

The last time we will see attributes is just to show off my manager attribute set up. A focus on defence and determination with no badges or experience.

First Job
I holidayed until October 1st as I wanted the seasons to be underway and take over from someone who had been sacked. After waiting over a month we finally got our first job on the save.

Frederiksberg Alliancen 2000, commonly referred to as FA 2000, is a professional association football club based in the area of Frederiksberg, Denmark, that competes in the Danish 3rd Division, the fourth tier of the Danish football league system. Founded in 2000, it is affiliated to the regional association DBU Copenhagen. The team plays its home matches at Frederiksberg Idrætspark, where it has been based since its foundation. The club was founded on 7 September 2000 as a merger between B 1972, Boldklubben Dalgas and Frederiksberg Kammeraternes IF. While B 1972 and Frederiksberg Kammeraterne were non-league clubs, Dalgas had previously competed one season in the third tier.

The game has us down as Semi-Professional with a 5,000 capacity stadium.


As you can see I’ve taken over the club when they’re bottom of the table with 8 games left before the split. I think it’s unlikely we will make up the 8 point gap between us and 6th to qualify for promotion playoffs but we can certainly stay up and get ourselves ready for a promotion push next year.

The results haven’t been good and too many draws but when I look into it it’s not all too bad

We’re not matching our xG scoring 5 goals less than we should have and conceding 4 more than we should have meaning we’re a whooping 8 points under our xPTS. Which would have put us in 6th. So the stats are there saying its not as bad as it looks on paper.

Finances aren’t great so it will be interesting to see what the DOF does with the squad going forward.

It looks like bar 3 players the whole squad is massively underperforming. We have a lack of staff at the club, so the DOF will have to get some staff in straight away as we will be using staff to help us with this save. A nice starting point to our journeyman, a Danish club for a Danish manager seems fitting. The club have agreed to let us study for our first coaching badge but we only have a one year deal so we need to hit the ground running.

Next post I will be back explaining how my first month in the job has gone.



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