This post is written for us by Football Managers USA Researcher Brian Cook. Brian shares with us some Americian players you should consider signing on FM23. 

Kellyn Acosta – Midfielder – LAFC

Acosta currently plays for LAFC and has spent a majority of his career inside of Major League Soccer. Acosta can basically play anywhere from the midfield to wide defender. What Acosta lacks in electric attacking energy he makes up for in work rate. He generally get everywhere on the field and truly plays past his attributes. In an early beta save – Acosta moved to Ajax for 3.4 million base to Ajax in season two while I was managing LAFC. If you are looking for a budget friendly unique box to box midfielder – Acosta is  your guy. He should have a great future down the line in both MLS and the USMNT

Matthew Hoppe – Striker – Middlesrough

I put Hoppe on this list due to FM22 but I think he can play well for a third tier team somewhere in Europe. Hope has a good body, just over 6 foot 3 inches but instead of getting slotted in a normal role for that size like target man – he’s built for a pressing forward. He’s definitely a long way from it but I think of Fulham’s Mitrovic when I think of him. Pace, strength, and size can give you alot to play with when ou lure him away from Middlesbrough and he could be built to be a nice striker of the future or a potential piece to flip for profit down the line

Johnny- midfielder – INT (Brazil)

Johnny is an interesting one. He’s 22 – decent size for the position but not much is known about him domestically in the states but in FM terms he’s a sure fire buy for a MLS save and can be a nice addition to anyone’s save. He should develop nicely as a speedy midfielder and at 6 foot provides height in a unique area on the field. He’s got speed, creativity, and can provide some playmaking in critical areas on the pitich. Definitely consider signing Johnny if you need an option in the center of the pitch

Ricardo Pepi – Striker – Augsburg

Undervalued is the name of Pepi’s game. Physically very good – just over six feet tall, Pepi is the future of the USMNT even if he wasn’t selected for the upcoming World Cup. He’s got good size and pace but just need the right place to develop. I haven’t seen anyone who took Pepi and built him out but his attributes early on in the save provide a good line at a second or third division option at striker depending on the country you’re in. There is something about a striker with size who can run that excites me.

Owen Otasowie – Midfielder – Club Brugge

Having played a lot of MLS saves in my day I try to familize myself with as many US players as I can since they are the easiest to move to MLS. Owen Otasowie is a defensive midfielder who plays for Club Bruge in Belgium. At six foot three inches – he provides both size and strength in a holding role on the field. He also provides a good jumping reach, 17, which can be useful for set pieces. What I appreciate is the usefulness of being able to play in midfield, defensive midfield, as well as the centerback spot. At 23 he would be the perfect player to move in and build out as a future for your defense

James Sands – Midfielder – New York City

Much like Otasowie, Sands provides a lot of help defensively. He isn’t as built strong and big as Ottasowie but provides potentially more playmaking options instead of just brute force. Sands begins the save on loan to Rangers – so he’ll have some european experience but should develop to a strong centerpiece to your midfield if you move in on him.

Jesus Ferreira – Striker – FC Dallas

Jesus doesn’t look flashy. He doesn’t have the attributes that fly off the page but that’s the kind of player I like. He’s been a centerpiece for the attack of the USMNT now for a while and has a lot of strength in his attacking and playmaking ability. Again – at 23, he has a strong future and development wise is in a great situation. As with a lot of players on this list – he would be a great option to buy early and ride up the leagues.

Some good recommendations from Brian, Are you playing in the MLS on FM23? let us know. Thanks to Brian for writing the post.


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