I have been very lucky in terms of graphical add-ons in Football Manager, I have from memory never had any huge issues (the ones I have had are often me mistyping in the config or file name!). So it’s easy to forget many are doing this for the first time and some have the misfortune of just not being very lucky with these things.

I will now attempt to Step by step walk you through what you need to do. Below are what you will need to make life easier!

  1. A program such as WinRAR, 7Zip etc to extract the packs and NewGan Manager.
  2. The NewGan Manager (if you want to automate the distribution of faces), this is available on FM Scout with a video tutorial to download.
  3. The FMUGen MegaPack and any update packs, they can be downloaded from our site by clicking here.
  4. A program like Notepad, Notepad++ etc to access the config file.
  5. A drink, some snacks and a bit of time.

Ok so now you have those lets begin…

First, locate the MegaPack (and any update packs) you downloaded, this SHOULD be in your Downloads folder. Depending on what Zip software you downloaded they will look different but mine is using WinRAR.

Double click on the FMUGens MEGAPACK File to open it.

Now you will need to locate your Graphics folder for Football Manager. I have mine on an external HD but the usual path is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023 (if there is not a graphics folder just create one).

In mine I have created Sub-Folders to seperate everything, if you do the same then open the folder “faces” then drag and drop the Megapack Folder in there, alternativly you can drag and drop it into the “graphics” folder – as long as it is in the “graphics” folder it’s fine it can be in a sub-folder to a sub-folder it will be fine!

Once it is in there double click to open it up and you will see all the Ethnicity folders.

Now close the Zip software and you can delete the downloaded FMUGen MEGAPACK Zip file if you wish, then Open each of the Update Packs but instead of dragging and dropping the folder – in the zip software go into each “Ethnicity” folder select all the images and drag – drop them into the correct ethnicity folder in the Megapack you put in the “graphics” folder. Do this for all update packs (and future released ones) until you have all the images in all the correct ethnicity folders. (you can then delete the downloaded zip files if you wish)

Now you have all the images all neatly packed, you will need the stuff you downloaded from the FM Scout NewGan Manager Tutorial …. What do you mean you havent watched that yet? Go on, I will wait…..

All good? Good! Open Football Manager, if not open already and head Scouting – Players, now click on New Search and then the cog on the bottom left of the search window and then Manage Filters.

Now click Import and then Load, Navigate to Football Manager location (same as when looking for the graphics folder) and you should have it in your Filters Folder from following the NewGan Tutorial.

Then click the cog again and select the filter.

If you are doing this on your own Managers profile remember to click on Exclude and make sure both your club players and players out of souting range are UN TICKED. Now you need to select the correct view, click on the drop down – Custom – Import View (again this will be where the graphics & filters folders were) Import the SCRIPT FACES player search view and then select to use it.

Now I don’t think you have to do this bit but I do just as an extra step to ensure I get all the info on the view/filter select one line for a player then press CTRL + A this will take a second to select all the players on the list. Then press CTRL + P and select Text File.

Navigate again to your Football Manager folder (if it doesnt go there automatically) and save the file in there I tend to save it as the Youth Intake Year.

Now open the NewGan Manager, I always create a new Profile and delete the old one each time I do it. For Select Image Dictionary, navigate to the FMUGen Folder and for the RTF file navigate to the file you just saved which in this example was called 2034. If you get a message saying the RTF file is wrong, this means you did not selecte the view before saving the file.

On this years game the Overwrite and Preserve options don’t seem to work so after you have done your initial NewGen faces – by having the Mode on Generate, ticking Allow Duplicates and pressing Replace Faces, and you get the next lot of NewGens and want them to get faces this is a work around for that…

  1. In the FMUGen Folder copy the Config File to your desk top and delete the one in the folder.
  2. Run the NewGan Manager on Generate with Allow Duplicates ticked.
  3. Open the config file in the Megapack that has just been generated using Notepad or a similar file.
  4. Also open the Config file you moved to your desktop.
  5. Copy ALL the Player/Image code from the marked spots on the images below from the Desktop Config file. (Below <list: id=”maps”> and above </lists>)


 Then paste it into the MegaPack config, above the newly generated code, FM will only pay attention to the first code for each player so all the original faces will stay and only the new players will recieve fresh faces.

Finally once all thats done in game, go to Preferences – Interface then on the Reset Drop Down click Clear Cache once done click Reload Skin. That should all sort them out for you! Just note your knowledge of players in the game can effect how many Newgens you get on the filter, you can add an unemployed manager with top everything so they have a vast filter file but thats up to you. Also it doesnt do Staff, they will need to be added manually unfortunately.

Hopefully this helps a little, we don’t have knowledge of the NewGan Manager as we are not involved with it, but hopefully what we do know has helped!


For those who have downloaded the MegaPack before 23:00 10/04/2023 you may get an error saying the Folder Scandinavian and/or South American cant be found, you just need to rename the two folders to add the ‘n’ on the end and that fixes it. The MegaPack folder has now been updated to fix this.


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20 thoughts on “FM23 How To Install The FMUGen MegaPack And Use The NewGan Manager (Updated)

  1. Would this work alongside he original Newgan faces pack or would you have to choose one of the two?

  2. If I created a save not using real players, could you apply these to all the players at the start of the save? would they be classified as “newgens”?

  3. Thanks a lot. However, it does not work for me. First, STR + A / P does not work inside my FM23. Second, the print/export button is grey and cannot be used. Surely, I am doing something wrong, someone any idea?

    1. Hi, not sure what you’re doing wrong but the guide should work for everyone as it’s universal. If it’s greyed out etc on your end then something must have been changed by you somehow. Not sure I can help, sorry.

  4. amazing!! thanks a lot that’s, a really impressive work you have done here. quick question, how do manage to apply a new face to the newness coming from your club?

  5. Hi! I’ve applied this, and it has applied to some, but not to others – any ideas why?

  6. Hola las faces de la carpeta staff solo se pueden incluir a los regens con el new gan o solo se puede manualmente?? Gracias.

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