Last week I teamed up with MaddFM from over at 5*Potential to write a wonderkid watch article based on Bristol City’s Alex Scott and The Roaming Playmaker role Link
Following that post @TheHaIfSpace reached out about using the post in his scouting mission video on Alex Scott.  Below is the Video he created. (Make sure you like and subscribe to him, channel link)

Here is the post in full.

Position: DM/MC/AMC (Centre)

Traits: Tries Killer Balls, Runs With Ball Through Centre, Likes Ball To Feet

Recommended Role: Roaming Playmaker

🗣️ “The Guernsey Grealish”

Alex Scott joined Bristol City from Guernsey FC at 17 years old having made his senior debut for Guernsey in August 2019 to become their youngest ever player at the age of 16. He has progressed through Bristol City’s Under-18s and Under-23s, signing a professional contract in March 2020.

Scott had an excellent 2021/22 season, playing 39 games and contributing to six goals, scoring four and assisting two in a breakthrough season that saw him play a variety of positions and deservedly win the Young Player of the Year award.

This season he’s nailed down a starting position through the middle of midfield switching between Defensive, Center or Attacking Midfield, with 5 assists so far this season coming from when he was in the deeper roles of Defensive Midfield or Center Midfield.

So far this season he’s played 46 games with 2 goals and 5 assists, rapidly becoming a pivotal part of the Bristol City starting XI regardless of which role he has been deployed in.

As you can see they have moved him around mainly through the middle and he’s been at his most influential when he’s in the deeper positions of Defensive or Central midfield.

He is fast approaching 100 appearances for the senior side but with only 3 games left this season and a big move in the summer looking increasingly likely, he is unlikely to reach that milestone.


A skilful nimble player who likes to dribble with the ball (hence the Grealish nickname), although he doesn’t play as high and wide as JG, this could be a potential future switch for him at a higher level and there is little doubt that Scott is good enough to take on such a challenge. He loves looking for that through ball along the ground to the attacking players and is a consistent threat both in terms of goal scoring and chance creation.

He has been widely linked with a move to the Premier League this summer with clubs like Liverpool and Newcastle showing an interest, Bristol City fans will be sweating with every mention of his name as the transfer window edges closer and rightly so from what we have seen from Scott this season

In Football Manager 2023 Scott has the perfect build for a Roaming Playmaker either in the DM or CM spots. His traits of tries killer balls often, runs with the ball through the center and likes balls played into feet describe the type of player you are getting. He will get the ball deep played into his feet, turn, carry it through the middle of the pitch before picking out that killer through-ball to your attacking players. Main thing is to make sure you surround him with players ahead of him to pass to and look to receive the ball.

Why Roaming Playmaker?

A Roaming Playmaker is a versatile and dynamic midfielder who moves around the pitch to influence the game in various areas. Their primary objective is to contribute to the team’s offensive play by getting involved in build-up play, creating chances, and even scoring goals.

They have the freedom to roam laterally and vertically across the field, making them difficult for opponents to mark and track. This constant movement allows them to exploit gaps in the opposition’s midfield and defence, as well as link up with teammates in different areas of the pitch. They also like to bring the ball forward with their dribbling ability. Something the other two roles don’t really do.

Roaming Playmakers are usually more involved in the physical aspect of the game, pressing opponents and engaging in duels to win back possession. Their energy and work rate is key to their success in this role, and they utilise their dribbling more by default and like to drive forward with the ball at feet.

Future Progression

End of 2024/25 season playing as a RPM

Here he played as a Roaming Playmaker and as you can see he’s made 9 assists and scored 7 goals which are highly reflective of his real life stats.

End of 2026/27 season playing as a RPM

A season later and he has had 7 assists and 1 goal, but importantly has also added the traits “Uses outside of Foot” and “Dictates Tempo”. Again, his numbers are reflective of real life but we are seeing a consistent elevation of his attributes and development in-game as an RPM.

Roles to partner the RPM with in a double pivot

In a Defensive Midfield Pivot I’d likely play Scott alongside a DM role to give the midfield some defensive security so the RPM can roam and dribble forward at leisure.

In a Center midfield pivot I’d partner him with a CM on defend for the same reasons.

Roles to partner the RPM with in a Midfield 3

A nice trio to use would be a Ball Winning Midfielder in the DM slot and a Mezzala in the second CM slot alongside the RPM.

How to improve him in FM23

As above – adding the traits mentioned will help with those nice playmaking passes and empower him to dictate the tempo so he helps control and influence games. Focusing on improving his weak left foot to make him a two footed playmaker will also help greatly, while of course Position, Role and Duty training for a Roaming Playmaker will also help accelerate his development.

What a player – sign him up early before the bigger clubs come swooping in and his price soars, if you are lucky then you can turn him into the playmaker that drives your team forward right from the get go.

Thanks for reading and it has been great to collaborate across the community on this piece.


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