This Crystal Palace FM23 tactical recreation has been written for us by @jocantaro35

Spirit of the tactic:

When I was thinking about which tactic ROY HODGSON should use to save Palace from relegation, I think an old-fashioned 442 came to mind, based on a low block, having a compact defence, not having possession, fast transitions and direct balls from the defence to front 2 to taking advantage of Zaha’s speed up front, using the wings to create danger, in FM terms: “442 with Direct Counter Attack”.

I also thought about which players to use, and I thought that following his style, R.H. will trust the most veteran players with the task of non-relegation. R.H. is not a manager who trusts young and virtuous people (which is why I think we will see little of Olise on the field until the end of the season, sad), and we will see more of Ayew, Milvo, McArthur or Ward, already seasoned in a thousand battles and with several war wounds…

The Players:

GK: Guaita, solid Goalkeeper, 35 y.o. 6th season at Palace, not much more to add.

DCL: BPD(D); Gehi, young, although already with international experience, an athletic powerhouse, good pass, undisputed with Vieria, he will be with RH too.

DCR: BPD(D); Andersen, along with Gehi, they must be the wall in front of Guaita, and he also has a good pass to play direct to the forwards, undisputed with Vieria too.

DL: WB(S); Mitchell, the only left-footed fullback, he will have to support the winger but without surpassing him, he will have to prioritize defending more than attacking.

DR: WB(S); Clyne or Ward, Clyne is more offensive than Ward, but like Mitchell, the priority is to maintain position. Veterans rule. I have preferred this role because it is a bit more offensive than that of FB.

ML: W(A); Eze, good dribbling, quick, agile and with lots of flair and vision, essential to create chances for he and others, he can cut inside or go to the line because he is two-footed.

MCR: BWM(d); Milvo, a hard-working player, helps a lot at defence, lacks  creativity and technical

MCL: B2B; Docure, a quick and creative type of player, helps to attack during the transitions with his speed or direct balls to striker partnership.

MR: W(S); Ayew, a long experience player, more of a worker than Eze, he can track back to help the fullback and maybe run with the ball and touch the line.

FCR: DLF(S); Mateta, can receive back from the goal, stop the ball and play killer balls to his front partnership, and score some goals too.

FCL: AF(A); Zaha, the best-attacking player, the primary goalscorer, his function will be to search the back of the opposite defence, taking advantage of his pace, catch the through/direct balls from the CB’s and the other FC, and score (obviously).

Crystal Palace FM23

Although, I am more of a fan of what Patrick Vieira was working on, and this is my particular vision.

This is a 4-3-3, with a high defensive line, a bit more aggressive but not too much. A more passing game, with players with good technicals and more creative freedom, including a talented young player that everyone knows (Olise), with Zaha on the wing looking for 1v1 situations, Edouard scoring (although maybe not as much), and Mitchell with more freedom to go on the attack.

Crystal Palace FM23

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