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Are you looking to make your Football Manager 24 experience that bit more realistic? Well the last 12 months I have spent countless hours editing files to try and make my own personal FM experience more enjoyable and I’ve decided to share them with the community – How have I done that you ask?

Well for starters a lot of research, going down rabbit holes learning about club DNA and also a few years of learning how to use the editor but finally, I am ready to share my files and ViewFromTheTouchline has kindly offered to host them. So what are the files and how do they impact Football Manager? Now, before I answer this I want to put a disclaimer that just because things have been edited doesn’t stop Football Manager from doing weird stuff sometimes, but I believe my files certainly help. Let’s take a look at emerging manager and former Manchester United player Michael Carrick. In the editor, you can see I have added a few preferences in the Career Plan tab that could help with his “in-game” career progression. This does not mean he will 100% become the manager, it just makes him more likely to apply for the position, again I reiterate that FM will still make some odd choices but since I have made thousands of edits to manager profiles it should help keep things a little more realistic. All this can be added to your game by adding the FM24 IMPROVED MANAGER CAREER MOVEMENT file to your game at the beginning of your game.

I also didn’t stop at managers as once I opened Pandora’s box I decided to go one step further adding over 15,000 data entries on current players too. Let’s take a look at the brilliant Jude Bellingham now I’m sure he will go on to have an amazing career in real life and in most people’s FM saves but if you’re 20 years into the future in your save wouldn’t it be epic to possibly face Bellingham as a manager? This file gives the best chance of that happening! Again, I want to reiterate the message that FM still does FM things and Jude Bellingham may sail off into the sunset and never decide to become a coach, or manager in your save but I have now edited his player profile to at least have some sort of interest in a managerial career pathway by adding some jobs of interest to his career path. Could Bellingham return to Birmingham as a manager in the future? Or perhaps Bellingham could be the manager in 20 years to finally bring home a World Cup to England!.

Now I have gone across Europe and added various entries for many players but my knowledge of every player in the world… well there is only so much one editor can do! But here is another example of a career pathway preference for Jamie Vardy.

Now it’s just of course my guess, but I don’t envision the raging Red Bull-drinking Jamie Vardy on the touchline in the future as a manager, now I could of course be very wrong indeed! But I have altered his profile to make him a coach as after all the guy can score goals! To match his attributes I have also edited his career pathway to match up with his attributes giving him preferences to be Youth team Coach and Coach for his former clubs Sheffield Wednesday and Leicester City.

I have also gone to edit players I don’t think will become managers in the future, example Moise Kean, now again I may be very wrong in the future but I have edited to the best of my knowledge to try to keep things realistic in the future. All this can be found in the FM24 IMPROVED PLAYER CAREER PLANS file.


Now you’re thinking that’s a lot of edits, but I have one more BONUS file to make your game just that little easier on the eye. I’ve also gone through and added colourways for all the major teams. What do I mean by that?

Well for some reason some of the colours seem not quite right some can seem too dull or too bright when looking at the tactic menu of teams. I will use Sporting CP and Union Berlin as an example. Below you can see two different colour schemes, one is clearly more accurate with Sporting CP.

Default Colour Detail

Edited Colour Detail

Default Colour detail

Here is the edited version, you clearly see above the red is closer to the red of Union Berlin. There are many edits made to teams and it’s really just a small bonus add-on which you can add to your game by adding the FM24 CORRECT COLOURWAYS file.

To add these files simply download them and add them to your Editor Data file and make sure they are ticked at the start of your game.
I hope you all enjoy Football Manager this year and I hope these files can add some value to your save. Feel free to get in contact with me at the VFTT Discord



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