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I was fortunate to be asked to participate in a project to identify unknown regional talent for FM23. This year, I was requested to repeat last year’s assignment, but instead of emphasising many players, I was urged to focus on only one. This was a difficult assignment for me because Dutch clubs have produced a large number of quality players in recent years. However, after much thought and deliberation, I decided to concentrate on Feyenoord’s left-back, Quilindschy Hartman.

Last year’s roster did not include the 21-year-old since no one anticipated him to play at all. Feyenoord had only recently sold Tyrell Malacia to Manchester United. To replace Malacia, the Rotterdam-based club signed Marcos López and Fredrik Bjorkan. Meanwhile, Hartman was regarded as the club’s third-choice left-back.

As Feyenoord steamrolled to a thoroughly unexpected but definitely deserved title, Hartman made it to the first team in the 2022–23 season and is now considered Feyenoord’s primary left-back. He has proven his worth with exceptional performances and solidified his position as the club’s top choice. To celebrate his breakout season, I intend to highlight this versatile and tenacious young left-back.

Quilindschy Hartman is a young, dynamic full-back with a lot of room for development. His most outstanding quality is his adaptability. The dude is a genuine human-form Swiss army knife in terms of player roles. Hartman can step up and deliver in any role he is asked to play. He can easily transition between roles on the field and excel in each one.

He possesses some universal traits, like impressive speed, stamina, and agility, allowing him to excel both defensively and offensively, but what sets him apart in terms of his versatility for any manager worth his salt is his footballing mind. While it is true that his decision-making and concentration need improving, Hartman is still only 21 years old. I feel his natural aggression and work rate make up for these other aspects of his game.


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