Well now here we are. We started this journey in the expected fashion but you join us here today troubling the playoff places. 13 games to go and we could yet surpass all expectations and take Norwich back to the Premier League. I for one can’t wait for the cake Delia Smith will bake. Loves an occasion, does Del.

Anyway to business. You might recall a few episodes ago we won at Elland Road and it gave us the platform to be the team we’ve become today. In the return fixture it therefore seems only natural that we would plunder 25 shots on their goal to be successful just once, compared to their measly 5 attempts which result in three goals. Honestly, the name on the box might be different but it’ll always be Champ at heart.

Basically the same performance a week later yields a 3-1 win against Swansea, who are only just outside the playoffs. It’s a big win, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

That puts us in good spirits as we head all the way to Plymouth for the FA Cup 5th round. A rotated team dominates the first half and Nunez gives us a deserved lead. The second half unravels a bit and Plymouth equalise immediately. It looks like extra time beckons before we get a late, late penalty which Adam Idah converts. He’s having a great season.