But First lets update you on what’s happened.

We finished the third season well

Relegation was never really a worry a solid year considering the increase in youth players.

Summer Youth intake was all about one Newgen

The staff already think he is the best player at the club.

Time to add a FMUGens face (Downloads here LINK)

Summer Window

We sold these players for over £20m, Which gave us a budget to spend this summer. But we didn’t want to stray from our identity.

So we started off the season bringing in these players

It cost us a grand total of £407,000.

After the window closed we were then the result of a takeover

Following a discussion with @FridaynightFM

So on that note I decided to employee former England Striker James Beattie as the new “Manager” of QPR

Winter Window

This was our first chance to flex financial muscles. With Beattie favouring a 442 we had areas to focus on.
* Striker
* Left Back

First of we sold over £10.5m worth of talent before setting Sir Les off with a list of transfer targets

9 Players were brought into the club

Season Performance

The Sack

I think the main issue was the takeover and them changing expectations to finish midtable when we were a relegation battling side.

Ekpe Update

Newcastle signed him for £12.5m at 17 years old. I then holidayed to the future to see how his career progressed.

2031 –

I would say his career ended up being disappointing. Would it have been better had he stayed under my management? The Newcastle move, was it too big too soon?


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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Newgen ever?

  1. So, practically the AI managed to ruin him and make him decline as a player after he was just 17 years old by not playing him or loaning him out? If you have a save game before the Newcastle move, I think it would be good for SI to take a look at.

    1. Might not be that simple. He might have had high CA but low PA, so peaked in his teens and looked good for his age. But didn’t have much room for actual growth. The answer could be a lot more complex than he didn’t develop because he didn’t play or be loaned.

        1. Doesn’t really need it imo as this isn’t a theme throughout the game usually. If it happened constant sure but it doesn’t. SI implemented changed to youth development a few years ago now. So that every youth player doesn’t always hit their PA, as it was too easy before you never got players not make it really.

          1. Based on the feedback that I have seen on the SI Community, the AI still seems to lack the ability to develop younger players with lower reputation. So, I wouldn’t see this as an individual case but possibly a good example instead.

            Making your development more difficult for human players on the other hand is a clear plus as it used to be too easy in the past.

          2. Not sure the SI forum is a good gauge for determine if someone does or doesn’t work. As 99% of the people who post on there, are only posting because there is an issue etc. All the thousands who don’t have issues, don’t post. So it kind of gives you the impression something is wrong when it isn’t.

  2. Fair enough. I haven’t been playing long enough saves to give my own piece of opinion on this.

    Anyway, this case does look odd and quite well aligned to what I have seen on SI forum about the AI not developing talented youngsters who don’t have high reputation. People have been talking a lot about even teams like Ajax rather signing close to 30-year-olds instead of developing their own talent.

    And we also need to remember that people who report these kind of things can also have as valid points as you or me. It’s not all just ranting about nothing.

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