Everyone seems to be announcing their FM17 plans, there’s a few I’m really excited to follow they are a lot more in depth than mine will be.
2 little girls under 2 & shift work has limited my FM time recently so I’m looking at 1 long term save  for FM17

The Plan

My plan is as follows, A Club & Country save in Bolivia.My reasoning for choosing Bolivia is they are the lowest ranked South American national side so it will be a challenge. They haven’t won an away game since 1993!!! South American world cup qualifying is very difficult to qualify from 4 automatic spaces & 1 playoff. When you already have Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile & Colombia as top teams put in Paraguay, Ecuador & Venezuela it won’t be easy.


The Bolivian club I have chosen is Universitario de Sucre, they have only won the opening stage once in 2008 & closing stage once in 2014. They are a midtable side there are some massive clubs in the league, Bolivar (24 titles) The Strongest (13 titles) Jorge Wistermann (13 titles)

Aims & Targets


Qualify for World Cup 2030.
I’m not expecting success overnight its very much a long term save i think 14 years & 4 qualifying campaigns is a realistic aim to qualify for the world cup when they haven’t qualified since the 1994 world cup.

Universitario de Sucre

Win 5 League titles
Homegrown starting XI
Win 1 Copa Libertadores
Win 1 Copa Sudamericana
Sell a homegrown player to a big European club


My save will have to wait until mid November to start while I wait for all the South American league edits.
I will mainly be updating on Twitter so make sure you follow @DGear86. If time predicts I will try and do end of season blog reviews.I’m really looking forward to the save & can promise you it won’t be a success filled save or filled with special tactics & formations it will be just me trying to survive the sack & thrive in Bolivia.


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