START DATE: Sunday 26th February

Challenge 1:
The enigma that is Mario Balotelli

Game setup-

Full fat version (not touch or mobile)


Original db no edits (real name fix ok)

Small database

Top 2 french leagues only.

Manager experience and badge – tick boxes for both which as suitable for nice
U can edit the sliders to suit


must play in the 451 (flat midfield see photo) formation
Roles are flexible but positions must remain where they are.
No transfers in
No staff changes allowed


Finish as high as you can with nice
Get the best out of Mario
Score the most goals
Concede the least goals
Get the most points
Most goals in one game for Mario
Updates- down to the player
But ideally post a tactic screenshot before first league match and they monthly updates at least but if people want to update more they can.


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