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Football Manager 2018 is upon us, Some people are starting their save game reveals so here’s mine, 
I’m going to try and get back into the Blogsphere for this edition, With 2 young daughters I found time hard to come by for blogging on FM17 for my Bolivia save, which was a shame as I really enjoyed it and hopefully you followed it on my Slack Channel. I’m sure I hold the record for years without a competive win (7!!!!)

So onto FM18, 
I’m off to Turkey where I will take over KASIMPASA SPOR KULUBU,


The reason for choosing this club is I always like to have a plan, targets and a story for my saves.
I chose Kasimpasa because they are the smallest of the 5 Super Lig teams that play in Istanbul,
You have the big 3 historically who are Fenerbache, Galatarsaray, Beskitas and also Istanbul Basaksehir who have players like Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor and Eljero Elia on their books and are rich.
54 of the 61 titles since 1959 have been shared between the big 3 so that shows the size of the challenge.
My main aim is to become the number 1 club in Istanbul, can I take the smallest club and topple 3 giants and an up and coming big spender.
Once or while we are trying to do that I would like to try and succeed in Europe as well, as always I will try and develop youth through the club, be sensible with money and transfers, I find following some people they will buy 10 plus players each summer which I think is abit unrealistic I’m more evolution rather than revolution. I will try and limit first team signings each season and also try and lean towards a Turkish identity.

Super Lig

One interesting thing about Turkey is I can’t spend more than 70% of my turnover on wages so i will have to watch that going forward.
Other rules include:
* At least 3 players trained at club between ages 15-21
* At least 7 players trained in nation between 15-21
* There is a maximum limit of  14 Foreign players in squad.
* Minimum of 1 domestic Goalkeeper
* There is also a fee for each foreign spot in the squad, in test save this amount was £650,000 for the season and it said depending how much playing time Turkish players received I would get some back.


Out of the 18 Super Lig teams our stadium is the 16th biggest at 14,250 seats, some 30-35,000 seats behind the Big 3 so long term we need to expand more seats more revenue.
Our training setup up is superb but youth only good. In comparison this isn’t too bad. I’d like to bring through youngsters but our junior coaching and recruitment is basic. With us being the smallest of the 5 and getting players from the same pool we will need to improve this asap so it doesn’t hold us back, we will also have to be on our toes to poach any youngsters from smaller clubs before the others aswell this will require good knowledge in Turkey.

One thing that tends to happen in the “FM community” is teams full of youngsters and wonderkids, which I think is unrealistic.
I will not be getting rid of players because they are 30, I have been guilty of this in the past but my time of managing in South America the last few issues have shown me a 30+ player has a lot to offer still, its just as fun getting a 35 year old to star as it is getting an 18 year old

Current Records (which are there to be broken)

Highest transfer fee paid – £2.37m for Ezequiel Scarione
Highest transfer fee received – £2.9m for Eren Derdiyok
Most League apperances – 154 Sancak Kaplan
Most goals scored – 46 Erhan Kucuk
Highest league position – 6th








This is a squad overview (on fm17 updated database)
only 19 first teamers 6 are loans, looks like my whole potential front line will need investment once the loans have finished. It’s very foreign heavy aswell 14/19 are FGN.

So I will be looking at Turkey for players probably for next season, this season just focus on the backroom and the squad I have, build a scouting network and slowly move the club forward.

That’s just a brief overview of what I’m trying to do for FM18 and it will be my only save hopefully. Nowadays I don’t play 30+ seasons an edition, in the last 2 I’ve averaged about a season a month. So realistically I’m looking at a 10 season save. 
Any questions send them my way.
Feel free to Retweet my twitter post and join my SLACK channel for updates and regular discussions. I have another 2 blogs lined up to release in the coming weeks so that’s 3 times the amount I released for FM17 so you have that to look forward too. 


Thanks for reading & #WelcomeToKasimpasa



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