Welcome to my third blog post, if you missed my previous two they are here:
Crescent Moon Rising- First Post
Player Recruitment – Second Post

Now you know I will be managing Kasimpasa on FM18,
I thought I would introduce the squad so you can get a feel for the players:
(I’ve put images in position slideshows)









I wanted to introduce the squad so you could all get a feeling for the players and know who i’m talking about going forward, as you can see there is hardly any Turkish players.

Starting Tactic


I’m going to start with this as my base tactic and it will be adjusted as I play through the save.

Season 1 Aims
On the Beta the board have set the target as to avoid relegation and I’m happy with this it should give me time to start to address the squad, It’s unlikely we will make any transfers in the first window, we have the maximum 14 foreign players aloud at the club already, we will embark on a in depth scouting plan and look towards next summer and assess the squad over the first season to see where the weaknesses lie.
There is no scouting staff, analysts or medical staff at the club so that will be my main focus off the pitch this summer.
You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong structure

Please join my slack channel #welcometokasimpasa and feel free to discuss who you like the look of.
The save will officially start on November 10th where I will do seasonal blog posts but if you want to know more I will do live progress in my slack channel.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and the previous two posts I can’t wait to get this save started.


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