The 2017/18 season is over, Danyal Calisma still has his job at Kasimpasa (probably the biggest shock) and It’s not taken me 7 seasons to win a game either! Some might say that alone is a successful season after my FM17 adventures.
But what actually happened surpassed my wildest expectations, we were strong favourites in the relegation battle. The team was full of loanees, lots of “big names” in the community were getting sacked in their saves for being shit. New dynamics features causing people issues etc
What hope was there for little old me?


Well basically we were sensational, with 2 games to go we were joint on points with Besiktas in second place and we played them in a “cup final” and they beat us 3-1 to all but secure 2nd place with a game left.
3rd place and Europa league football next year is still a massive overachievement


The public have spoken and I am simply the best!


Trezeguet was the star of the show from right midfield in the IW role he was our best player.


He’s now returned to Anderlecht they weren’t interested in letting me renew the loan deal. But have no fear, I said at the start of the series my main focus was improving the foundations with staff etc and my scouts have found me this guy as his replacement.


He cost me £1.3m. I have spent a further £3.2m on these 3 players,


All found by my scouts, showing invest has paid off. I also wanted to invest in Turkish players aswell and during the first season winter transfer window I asked the board for some money to spend which I spent on two Turkish players at different stages in their careers.


Altintop is now my best CM at 35 years old! Ozer returned to his old club until next summer for first team football but he’s been ear marked as the next National team number 1!

The reason’s for my success – 

Honestly I got by with a little help from my friends,
When the beta came out I looked at the squad and thought 4141 would suit them perfectly and drew up a tactic, it was ridiculed by many explaining it was too defensive for an already defensive formation. After some in depth conversation I had my starting tactic and roles.
I then watched all of pre-season games on comprehensive and made a few tweaks with PIs & TIs from what I could see, We actually had quite a slow start to the season.
But considering our stature I wasn’t overly worried, Then all of a sudden we went on unbeaten runs of 7 and 11 games unbeaten that propelled us up the table.
Also apart from a period where all my centre backs were struck down with injuries and I was playing 2 CM’s at CB we did well with injuries, I used the medical centre to rest players when recommended and it seemed to have paid off despite our small squad.

Going forward –

The focus is again the league, Europa League will be used for fringe and youth players. 
I have signed players to fit the tactic. and again watched pre-season indepth to hopefully spot any issues.
On the player front, I’ve managed to fill the gaps from the loans leaving apart from Mensah which will be the main recruitment focus this season going forward a new centre midfielder.

Thanks for reading this quick round up of my save so far.
Feel free to join my slack channel #WelcomeToKasimpasa for live updates and general discussion on the save.


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0 thoughts on “Turkish Delight

  1. Hello

    Well done. I miss a little bit more info on your tactic in your blog. You mention tweaks to the tactic.
    1. did you settle with the 4-1-4-1 regardless of opponent or home/away?
    2. did you change the mentality before or during matches and if so how did it perform?


    1. Hello.
      Thank you.4-1-4-1 was the same regardless of home or away. I wouldn’t change mentality but I would adjust the tempo depending on how the game was going.
      if we were on top but wasteful I would slow the tempo but if we were winning and slow to get the ball clear id increase the tempo.
      any more questions feel free


  2. Thanks. Good stuff. Was lured in through FMinside and your 4-1-4-1. Good shoutout 🙂

  3. I can confirm that the tactic works very well in EPL. The sample size is small though – have only played 10 matches. 9 w’s and 1 draw playing with a top 5 team.

    Doesn’t create 30 chances pr. match, but is really effective in front of goal. Chances created are usually around 15 with about 10 shots on target. In some matches it gives you as much as 50/50 goals/shot on goal which is very high. Usually you should be very happy if you convert on just 1/4 of your shots on target.

    Haven’t had time yet to try out any tweaks myself, but pls remember to mention it in your blog if you make any future tweaks 🙂

    1. Brilliant to hear its working well for you, yes I rarely win by large margins as it’s quite a defensive tactic, the only possible change I’ll be looking at is the striker role. How’s your striker doing?

      1. Striker is doing very well scoring most of the goals. Also the inside forward is pretty deadly. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the tactic is too defensive. Most of the time, the opponent has more possession and more shots on goal. Not a problem in most of the games, but I have lost a few now because I haven’t been able to score with the relative few chances I’ve had. Matches that certainly were winnable on paper. Also got soundly beaten 4-1 by Napoli in CL. For me it’s back to the drawing board 🙂

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